1996 Daewoo Cielo GL 3 door hatch 1.5L petrol SOHC fuel injected from Australia and New Zealand


A cheap and cheerful little car which is still a pleasure to own


Exhaust valves leaking on cylinders 3 and 4 at 126,000 km.

Exhaust valve guide number 4 cylinder very badly worn. replaced at 326,000 km.

Weld failed on clutch lever where it attaches to the shaft, which actuates the clutch fork/release bearing within the bell-housing (latter occurred at 357,000 km).

General Comments:

Certainly not a luxury car, being very much built to a low price.

Fuel economy is good and it generally does 100 km on 6 litres of petrol. Drops to 7 litres per 100km when towing a heavy trailer.

The car has only let me down once and that was when the weld failed on the clutch lever.

When I bought the car in 2001, I certainly didn't expect to be still driving it in 2017. As an ex-mechanic, I do all the repairs and servicing, and all servicing is done on or before the recommended intervals. Not using or losing any oil at all between changes. I won't be at all surprised to achieve 500,000 km on the original engine. Definitely the most reliable car I've ever owned. Quite easy to service and maintain.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2017

1996 Daewoo Cielo 1.6 petrol from India


Very nice. Fantastic height, and the driving position is very nice


Hi, I am a Daewoo Cielo owner. The thing that went wrong was that it did not go into fifth gear.

Otherwise the car is beautiful overall.

General Comments:

Very comfortable overall.

Quite fast when you need the power in a split second.

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Review Date: 20th March, 2011

1996 Daewoo Cielo 1.5iL 1.5 fuel injection from South Africa


Best car I have ever owned


Timing belts at 90,000kms and 180,000kms, as is prudent.

Headlight fused on 30,000kms.

Replaced the windscreen 2 times within 120,000kms, as small stones had it cracking severely.

Manual window mechanisms had to be replaced twice in the first 3 years.

Various interior plastic parts broke in the first 3 years.

The fuel return line located under the backseat, on top of the fuel tank, constantly came loose during the first 150,000kms, forcing my to drive with windows closed to minimize fuel fumes inside the car. Eventually the clamp was replaced and the problems stopped.

Alloy rims on 150,000kms, factory rims came buckled from the factory floor, according to three different opinions. I stuck it out for a few years before I replaced it.

Head gasket popped on 150,000. Had it replaced with head skimming. Reason still unknown.

Head gasket popped on 270,000kms, due to water pipe that came loose and the car subsequently overheating. At this point the engine was overhauled. The cylinder sleeves were still in good condition, but there was carbon buildup on the piston heads. Probably due to Lead replacement fuel being introduced. Performance and fuel consumption dropped by almost 20% since the introduction of lead replacement fuel. Previously leaded fuel gave much better results.

On 210,000kms the exhaust manifold disintegrated after I made 2 trips clocking 180-190kms/hour for an hour. Real speeds were probably more in the line of 165-170kms/hour.

Th gearbox had to be overhauled on 200,000kms, which was my fault for towing a 500kg trailer in fifth gear at 140kms/hour. I did about 5,000kms like this.

Already on my 4th set of spark plug cables.

CV joints done on 150,000kms.

2 sets of shocks up to now.

6 sets of tyre's. Factory tyre's were great and gave me 85,000kms before needing replacement. Since then not more than 35-40,000kms maximum per set.

The only other problem was the heater radiator that picked up a leak on 240,000kms.

Currently the car has an oil leak of unknown origin.

No other problems except for normal maintenance. Still has its original stainless exhaust system, even though I am told that it is too small diameter for the car.

The original speakers in my car are great and are still pumping it.

General Comments:

I have the sedan version. Many people have commented that the car is probably underpowered. They retracted their words once they actually experienced the car and heard that I got 12.5kms/liter in the city, with the aircon on and up to 15.5kms/liter on the open road at 120km/h.

I have bought a Peugeot 307SW in 2004 but let my wife drive it, as the Daewoo is just more comfortable and economic. I love my car.

I would like to change the colour from navy to white or silver one of these days though. The aircon battles in summer.

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Review Date: 1st August, 2008