1996 Daewoo Cielo 1.5 MPFI SOHC from Australia and New Zealand


A very average car


Seat frame has broken twice.

Several breather hoses & cam cover gaskets replaced.

Radiator fractured requiring replacement after air conditioner pulley flew off (80,000klm).

Camshaft lobe worn off, blown head gasket requiring a very expensive repair (108,000klm).

Water pump (140,000klm).

RHS brake caliper seized twice (120,000 & 200,000klm).

3 speed automatic transmission overhauled (150,000klm). Also expensive.

Radio buttons faulty.

Steering wheel grip has separated from the wire inside, which makes it twist in your hand.

Alternator (200,000klm).

General Comments:

Volvo has the high mileage club. Do I get a prize for getting 200,000klm in a Cielo?

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Review Date: 1st November, 2005

1996 Daewoo Cielo GLE 1.5L from India


Good Car if you Take care of it


My Cam Shaft broke twice 35000 Km,

A/c Quit Working.

Clutch Plates Wore Out.

General Comments:

I have been Faceing some problems with my car now. But I feel its my own fault.. When my father gave me this car it had only done 23000 km and I dint take car of it. For some time I had used my car wiht out any oil change or anything, And landed With a broken Cam shaft. The guy who had changed it on dawewoo repair shop dint do his job well and it happened again finally when I got the job fixed. The car was back in fit shape... Now to my surprise it gives me an average of 10Km/L wiht out A/c and with Air Con on It lands with 8km/L And The Rest is working good.

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Review Date: 4th September, 2005

5th Dec 2008, 23:45

I have a 95 Cielo GL, with 250,000 on clock. It is not garaged but still looks great (ruby red in colour). Keep up with oil changes and filters and all will be good. Do your work people.

From Australia Queensland.

1996 Daewoo Cielo GLX 1.5 from Sri Lanka


It's a superb vehicle


There was a water hose that gave way, that's it.

General Comments:

It's a great car of it's standard.

Very smooth on high speeds.

Picks-up very fast 0-60km in 5 seconds.

I have used it for drag racing and it out beats most of the other makes of the same engine capacity.

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Review Date: 17th September, 2004

1996 Daewoo Cielo LX from Korea


Good value for my money at least


No serious problems so far. Regular preventive maintenance is done, oil changes are done every 3 months, transmission fluid changed once a year. No engine problems. Normal wear and tear on the brake pads and shoes.

General Comments:

*One problem, parts availability. I'm in Korea and can't find the plastic shift indicator: the long thin piece of clear plastic with the letters:

P R N D 1 2

If you have a source, I need to buy one please. The small light that lights up the shifter at night came loose and melted the shifter letters.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2004

23rd Jun 2004, 11:49

You live in the same country as where the car was built and you can't find parts?

21st Sep 2006, 01:40

If you can't find it in Korea... forget about it!!

Look in some junk shops in India.. You will find what you want.

1996 Daewoo Cielo GLX 1.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Value for money


The doors have hinges that are welded - bolted on like most cars. Consequently the most used i.e. the drivers door is misaligned. In any other car, this would be just a simple process of loosening the hinge bolts and realigning the door. This car with its misaligned door will remain as it is, as I cannot see any method to correct it.

The electric window on the drivers side stopped working a few weeks after I got it & the window although fixed, is still problematic.

The positive ventilation valve hose when I got it decomposed.

General Comments:

The car I bought was second hand & cost $5.000. For the money, I could not get any thing else that came close to the Kilometers & age.

For a small car, the interior is roomy, with loads of appointments.

It will run on the smell of an oil rag.

The paintwork and rubber seals are excellent.

It is rock solid on the steering at cruising, although fifth gear is a little sticky to engage.

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Review Date: 28th April, 2004