27th Jan 2005, 10:50

The car, on the whole, is a good creation. Its 80000kms now to my car. most people have a problem with it merely because they don't know how to maintain it. my car is still running fine with no defects. sometimes fuse creates problems, rest is bingo. All in all, a good luxury car...

5th Feb 2005, 05:35

Don't talk about lack of maintenance as being the reason for all the problems some of these cars have. My Father bought a 2nd hand Daewoo Cielo for $7000, he had it for 12 months, never missed a service. Within this 12 months around $3000 was spent on repairs... new engine being the biggest repair, which still made no difference. It completely lost power and broke down twice, the first time a couple of weeks before my father got rid of it (timing switch I think???) anyway it was replaced and we thought the problems were over. Anyway the last straw was when it completely lost power again - leading my parents to believe they would never be able to trust the car again.

My parents returned it to the dealers where they bought it from with $5000 still owing on it - as well as the $3000 worth of repairs, and the dealers offered $2000 for trade in... this didn't go down well and they eventually raised the offer to $2750. My parents lost out big time with the Daewoo, but it was just too unreliable to keep.

7th Jun 2005, 15:59

After reading all the Negative comments, I feel I am the most lucky person to have bought the car I have today. I bought my Cielo and sinse its purchase, after about 123,000 KMS, I have had to change only 6 Things,

1) Engine Oil,

2) Rear wheel bearings

3) Coolant Pipe (commonly known as Hose Pipe)

4) Car Tyres

5) Right Front Power Window Assembly.

6) Alternator (which I just got changed yesterday.)

As far as my knowledge and experience goes, if you treat your car to be your first love, keep it without modifications, or do not play with its interior (ie. fit in extra house lights, Dash board switches etc.) the car gives you perfect service.

Any person giving out negative views on this car surely has the need to come, contact me and check my car out.

This car has been the best buy (in terms of automobiles) of my entire life. I've done about 1450Kms with a break of 2 hours, but believe me, its been one of the most comfortable journeys.

All I can say is I love my car and my car loves me.

30th Aug 2005, 01:04

I agree with most of the negative comments. I purchased my Daewoo Cielo GLX in 1996 and have had radiator problems and the head gasket has blown. I was told by the mechanic that the engine probably won't last much longer and it would be best to put a new/reconditioned engine in the car! I don't know if he's trying it on because I'm female - seemed a bit drastic. However, the car is off the road.

5th Oct 2005, 11:46

Seems I'm not the only person to have had bad luck with their car. I bought my '96 Daewoo GLX as a second hand vehicle in late 2001, unfortunately it had a high mileage of 196 000. All was going well for the first 8 months or so. After that, I had endless problems.

I've had to replace the exhaust 4 times.

Replace the gasket seal twice.

LH mirror doesn't work.

Replaced the gaskets once.

Cylinder rings replaced once.

The vinyl on the 'ceiling' of the car has peeled off from the top of the windscreen.

The lights never seem to stay where they've been set to.

I seem to go through quite a few fuses.

RH electric window has no power, even after a complete service on it.

Boot release button sticks on occasion.

Uses a lot of oil, even after it's been serviced.

I've had two overheating problems.

Replaced a water bottle.

Driver's seat-raising mechanism doesn't work and I can't seem to find someone who can fix it.

Driver's seat has collapsed twice.

The heater makes the car overheat.

The mileage is now at 256 000, after 4 years. Apart from all that, and all that I've forgotten, I enjoy driving the car. But can't help being disappointed with it. The parts are really expensive, and I simply can't afford it anymore. Guess it's just my kind of luck.

29th Mar 2006, 00:56

In all due respect to the criticism already posted, I wish to say it’s unfortunate that the owners have had trouble with their Daewoo Cielo cars.

I echo the sentiments of those who are of the view that if you take care of your car especially as it has been stated in the manufactures manual, you will get over 90% value for money.

My Cielo has done over 175,000 Km and has had no major problems, apart from the expected wear and tear. I’ve been strict about following the service procedure stated in the manufacturer’s manual at the back.

The car is definitely strong and powerful, very good suspension for rough roads, and has great speed. The car handles really well. Despite all these favourable facts, I am a responsible driver and owner.

According to me, it depends on how you take care of your car – how you drive, regular service and checks, and strictness in observing the manufacturers manual.

16th Apr 2006, 08:30

We bought a brand new Cielo in 1996. First service, and the endless problems started: overheated tyres, disconnected cables - couldn't start the car, few months after that head gasket needed to be repaired under warranty (after contacting head office in Sydney and heaps of days spent at Daewoo service), windscreen wipers got rusty after 2 years, they stopped working after one of many services, had to replace brake pads often, the outside silver stripe started peeling (on bumper bar) the rain was coming in through the driver window which caused the door plastic to squash, coolant started leaking after 30,000 kms, 5 year old car and we couldn't drive it, it would just stop, one of the cylinders was gone etc. I was tempted to burn it in front of Daewoo dealership, I've had enough. I sold it after 5 years. The worst car I came accross in my life. I am driving beautiful Japanese car at the moment. It's 8 years old now and needs just servicing still. I look after my cars as no-one, so please don't say that you need to take a good care of your car. I service it regulary, I drive it carefully, I watch where I park it. People say they haven't seen cleaner car ever. I wouldn't reccomend Daewoo to anyone, as simple as that.

6th Jun 2006, 05:01

I just bought a 96 Daewoo Cielo GL and so far I am extremely happy with my purchase. I am really hoping right now that I don't have the problems others seem to have had as I am about to head of on a trip to the Gold Coast.

7th Jun 2006, 20:19

I bought my Cielo about 8 months ago and its going well. It has 78000 on the clock and the only problem that I have had is a loss of power and a leaky head gasket. Nothing too major. All in all I believe that the Cielo is a good car if your treat it well.