19th Jun 2006, 01:22

OK, I have a Cielo. Not a good car. It's only done 80000kms and I have had to replace the clutch, the exhaust system, and other things not so major.

But now my head gasket just went and it's the last straw! My advice to anyone wanting a Cielo, don't bother, it is too expensive to maintain and has way too many problems. You're better off buying a car that is reliable.

5th Jul 2006, 22:11

I purchased a Daewoo Cielo about a 2 months ago, I have just got my licence and I think it's a good little car. I have just had a few minor problems, but that's expected with a car that's over 10 years old:

Radiator has a crack in it, is being replaced at the moment.

Back windscreen wiper doesn't work.

Drivers side seat is broken.

Driver side door leaks.

My Cielo still had the original head unit in it, that also was broken as you couldn't get reception on any of the radio stations.

But all in all, I think it's a good little car, and as people in the previous comments have stated, all you need to do is get it regularly serviced and your car should run quite well.

11th Feb 2007, 11:30

Very economical, *however* I'm just in process of replacing head gasket at 165,000 k's. Besides not being able to find a manual, unusually - two of the cylinder bores inside the engine are already breaking down. The car has had a good history, they are not built for many year service.

11th Feb 2007, 19:06

I own a 96 GLE Automatic. 80000 Kms done. Here in India this is a very affordable car now.

Drive seat height adjuster is shot and as said earlier unable to find some one to fix it. Right side axle broke and had to get it replaced, but still have a bone crackling sound when I turn the steering initially. Unable to fix that, right side driver power window mechanism was done for and had to replace it. Vehicle overheats very frequently and engine shuts off often. Two days ago radiator had a major leak getting it replaced today.

Service is costly, but still I love this car, It is spacious and very Classy looking. I feel like a king driving my car.

Fuel consumption is OK. All I can say is every car will have it's share of problems, Cielo will have two added more to it's share.

7th Apr 2007, 12:00

First of all: I bought my new (right out of the factory) daewoo cielo 3 years ago, I've had absolutely no problems since, the car works perfectly and I never changed anything (except the fuel). So, please stop with negative posts about cars you've bought 10 years ago.

11th Jun 2007, 01:19

Hi all, a quick note to add, & a few quick questions for the poor few that have had to go through it.

I was given a Cielo 97, which had the camshaft connection pin snapped off. This was easily enough replaced by myself. I have been informed by many mechanics that this is the major issue with the engine. Replacing the cam means replacing the head gasket, and this issue usually arises around the 120,000km mark.

If you are working on this engine yourself, another little mechanics tidbit is the fact that the wiring harness has been incorrectly set up. The wires that connect to the bottom of the distributer do not come out of the same place on the wiring harness. This little beauty had me scratching my head for 2 weekends. One of the connections on the distributer & the connection that goes into the head are identical. If you have rebuilt the engine yourself & you are not getting any spark, swap these connections around.

I currently have 3 of these cars, the other 2 I have picked up from damaged car auctions for next to nothing. Main damage to the cars is paneling, so I now have heaps of spare parts for mechanical, electrical & interior.

Has any one got a manual of any sort???

Some issues I would love some help with. First, 1 of the engines lost power the other day. It has recently been rebuilt. I have seen a few comments regarding the same. What did your mechanic say the issue was.

Secondly, the back windscreen wiper won't work. Again from previous topic, how was the issue solved.

Thirdly, the FM stations are not working. How is the antenna replaced or fixed?

Any help would be fantastic.


20th Jan 2008, 17:18

Its been 2 months I bought a daewoo cielo 97 hatchback as second hand and it has about 260,000 Km mileage..

Its very economic car, due to high fuel cost in my country and maintenance is not much expensive due to cheap spare parts and used second hand parts as well. the only problem I have faced so far is the engine belt bearing it made noises,and the non stop inner vibrations...and now the back windscreen wiper doesn't work.

Over all it's a nice car with a good sporty shape.

11th Feb 2008, 09:43

Hi, I bought a 96 Daewoo about 3 years ago. The cambelt broke; that is very expensive to repair.

New stainless steel exhaust fixed the one that lasted about 1 year.

I am looking for a workshop manual. Please help.

Right side electric window winder lasts about a year.

Parts for the car are freely available in South Africa, but General Motors are the sole agents.

19th Feb 2008, 00:01

We have a 1996 Daewoo Cielo GL. My daughter seems to have blown the head gasket. We have been trying to find a manual, but have had no luck so far. We have noticed that a lot of other people are looking for one as well. Did anyone find one? Please help.

27th Apr 2008, 22:48

My 96 Cielo is just coming up to 113,000 Kms. Bought in 04 secondhand with 90000 on the clock. The headgasket went just before the 3 month warranty expired (phew). Water pump and then headgasket went again in Feb'08. The speedometer has now packed up. I am in the grip of taking out the dashboard and would like any tips/tricks/traps. Any advice for speedometer cable replacement, manuals? and /or parts suppliers.

12th May 2008, 17:59

I find those saying that if the car is taken care of that it is reliable... You are accusing a lot of people of neglecting their cars. That out of the way, I have a 1996 Daewoo Cielo, forgive me if I can't remember all that has gone wrong:

- Replaced CV joint

- Replaced ignition switch

- Replaced entire exhaust

- Replaced radiator (car still overheats)

- Replaced tyres

- Replaced spark plugs and leads

- Window winder falls off

- Interior of doors is falling off

- Drivers side door is not on hinge properly and needs to be lifted to open as top corner of door falls in behind the rear door.

- Seats are uncomfortable+++

- Rear window wiper does not work

- And most recently fuel pump stopped working, cam shaft seized, and timing belt broke.

Cheap car to run fuel wise, very unreliable. After latest problem, although not too dear to fix ourselves, we will be getting a new car - not a Daewoo.

19th May 2008, 05:35

We've got a 96 Daewoo Cielo... so far (at about 110,000km), it has had the breather hose from the cam to intake hose replaced 4 times, the head gasket blew, the rocker cover gasket continually leaks (even with new parts), the interior is pretty much falling apart, everything is rattly and crap.

Now, it has fairly major oil leaks from at least 2 spots (one looks like camshaft seal, and the other, maybe crankshaft seal (can't really tell, it's running down the cambelt cover)... the cars are a joke... they're made to be disposable.

Those of you who have one that has lasted 200,000 odd km, think yourselves lucky... it's NOT due to good maintenance. You just happened to get a decent one. The rest of us, unfortunately did not.