Meteor GC 1.6L

A car that needs time and patience from the owner

170 words

Meteor GC 1.6L

Few things wrong, but easily fixed

84 words

Meteor Ghia 1.6L 4-Cylinder

Great firs car

53 words


Meteor Ghia 1.5 petrol

The best car I have ever owned!

78 words, 3 comments

Meteor GB 1.5

A very practical, reliable and economical car

161 words


Meteor GB 1.5L Stock

Super Cheap Auto!

64 words

Meteor GA 1.6

Quick little beast

90 words


Meteor Ghia 1.5

Great car, never lets me down

122 words

Meteor GB 1.5

A performing sleeper

153 words

Meteor Ghia 1.5 litre

A great little car!

78 words, 1 comment



Noble, hard-wearing little trooper

207 words

Meteor Ghia 1.5L

A good value paddock basher

120 words, 1 comment

Meteor GA 1.5 Stock

It has treated me well for a first car!

129 words, 3 comments

Meteor GA Ghia 1.5L

A sweet first car

88 words

Meteor GA 1.8 DOHC 16v EFI turbo

Extreme madness needed

112 words, 12 comments