Vectra GL 2.2

Nice car overall

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Vectra CD 2.2 petrol

Designed with 10 year lifespan, and then everything breaks at once

214 words, 2 comments

Vectra CD JS2 2.6

Plenty of car for your money

140 words

Vectra CD 2.2

A complete disappointment. I would have expected more from Holden

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Vectra CD 2.4 4 cylinder

Really nice, but really not looking forward to the price of upkeep!

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Vectra CD 2.6

Great car, just expensive to maintain

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Vectra JS Equipe 2.2

Very good. Have wanted a new car for quite some time, but the Vectra has never let me down

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Vectra CD JS SERIES 11 2.6L V6

Would not recommend this model due to repair costs

151 words, 7 comments

Vectra CD Hatch 2.2Ltr DOHC

I'm still deciding if I should have bought it or not

154 words, 5 comments

Vectra GL 2.2 16v


61 words

Vectra CD Hatch 2.6 V6

GM still haven't mastered the art of reliability

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