Hyundai Getz reviews from Australia and New Zealand


Getz S 1.4

Nice looks, baaaaaaad engine

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Getz S 1.4

Love it to bits. 6lts per 100ks, cannot go wrong

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Getz S petrol

Great but for this very weak link - the vibration

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Getz Click 1.4

Good car, one problem

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Getz SX 1.6 petrol

Great car, bad engine, poor build quality

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Getz S 1.6 (G4ED5)

Very good car for the money, with a sporty look, but without the performance

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Getz SX 1.6

The car is great for convenience and very economical; I love it

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Getz SXi 1.6

Its FANTASTIC! mild performance, sexy and sylyish! I recommend this car for all ages!

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Getz GL 1.5

Bloody brilliant mate!!!

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Getz GL 1.5 petrol

The Getz is not only a winner, but a pretty car as well

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Getz XL 1.3 petrol

Cheap and very underpowered

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Getz GL 5 Door 1.5 petrol

Brilliant! And thousands less than the competition!

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Getz GL 1.5

Hyundai's best model to date

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