Magna Executive 3.0 V6 6G72

3.0L V6 Manual - cheap to run, great performance!

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Magna TR 2.6L 4 cylinder

Designated driver-friendly

132 words

Magna GLX petrol

Good cheap wagon. 7/10 to Mitsi

378 words

Magna SE 2.6L petrol

Reliable, comfortable long distance cruiser

121 words

Magna SE 2.6 petrol

Great for long distance trips, very comfy and quite fast

104 words

Magna V6 Executive Wagon 3.0 V6

Cheap good car

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Magna Executive 2.6L

The Car Is Great

89 words

Magna TR 2.6L

Great, smooth vehicle with great 4 cylinder power

102 words

Magna GLX 2.4

Nice family car, but slow and possibly dangerous if you need to get out of the way in a hurry

176 words

Magna Executive 4 Cylinder 2.6 Litre

Definitely worth the money

126 words, 5 comments

Magna Executive 2.6 Litre gas/petrol

Comfortable, easy to drive, but high running costs

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Magna TR 2.6

Very high

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