Magna TF Sports 3.0L 6 cylinder

Street racer's dream car

152 words

Magna TF 3.0L V6

This car has proven itself to be a comfortable and reliable workhorse

208 words

Magna TF Executive 3.0L V6

Awesome driving machine!

342 words

Magna TF Executive 2.4 Inline 4

1000K's out of 45L's of ULP, now that's economy!!

197 words

Magna Altera 3.0 V6 petrol

Totally underrated. Blew me away

290 words, 6 comments

Magna TF 3.0 SOHC

Great Car - Highly Recommended and Sad to see the Magna series stopped

315 words

Magna Executive Wagon 3.0L V6

Understated little gem!

279 words

Magna Executive 3.0 6 cylinder

You've hit the right note Mitsubishi!

119 words, 1 comment

Magna TE Executive 3.0 V6 24 Valve

Beautifully made Mitsubishi

19 words

Magna Sports 3.0 Ltr V6

Sexy, smooth and fast

60 words

Magna TE Advance 3.0 V6

Great value for money, good equipment level, and very very reliable!!

241 words, 3 comments

Magna TF 3.0lt

Performance A++

76 words

Magna TF 3.0Litre V6

An extremely reliable and well-built vehicle

192 words, 3 comments