1995 Mitsubishi RVR X3 2.0 Intercooled turbo


The best and fastest car I've ever owned


I recently had the cam belts done, including tensioners, cam seals, etc.Cost me over $1100.00.

General Comments:

This 5spd manual is incredibly fast and red lines at 7000 rpm happily.

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Review Date: 5th December, 2004

1994 Mitsubishi RVR X3 2 turbo


Performance and Practicality!


Vibration somewhere in the back on hard acceleration and engine breaking around 2500rpm.

General Comments:

This is a great car!! The EVO engine in a people mover is just great fun! 4WD helps the car around corners and the space inside is atmospheric almost.

Took a drive with some GSRs and VR4s around some windy back roads and almost kept up. I blame the crappy Hankkok Optimo tyres. Otherwise, the 170kw and 290 Nm of torque makes this a performance car in its own right. The Evo 4WD system means you just point the nose in the correct direction out of corners and accelerate. No over or understeer.

I had a picnic with my girlfriend planned one day and the weather decided to spoil it for us. No problems. Folded up the back seats and there was plenty of room in the back for food, books, drinks, playing cards etc... Great!

I honestly couldn't think of a better concept for both performance and practicality. Lots of cup holders, storage compartments, sunroof, climate control, electric "almost everything" and easy access sliding door completed the family wagon criteria.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2004

1994 Mitsubishi RVR Sports Gear 2.0 turbo petrol


Very good sleeper, with room for modification


Nothing wrong with the car - it goes great, but it is hard to find good service people for this model.

General Comments:

Excellent performance, especially with minor exhaust modifications.

A 14.0 quarter mile possible with a boost controller and exhaust.

Good driving on hard sand dunes.

Tends to annoy standard V8s, when you're still next to them after the lights.

Very easy to control gear changes using the accelerator on the auto model.

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Review Date: 24th July, 2004

1998 Mitsubishi RVR Sports Gear 204 petrol


A very enjoyable vehicle at a very acceptable price.


Too young to have faults.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, with plenty of seat adjustment.

The rear seats fold up and slide right forward (and right back) giving huge amount of floor storage space. Both rows of seats also fold right down to create beds for those who want to use the vehicle as a bedroom.

My model only has seatings for 4 which can be limiting at times. It just means I can't take all the grandchildren out for a drive at once.

The 4 speed tiptronic gearbox is great. However would have liked to have the 5 speed tiptronic box.

The four wheel drive gives great road grip.

The GDI motor has plenty of get up and go. Very close to the performance of my previous 2.5 V6 Legnum.

Good fuel economy, slightly better than the Legnum.

I tow a 16 foot caravan, and this vehicle handles it very well.

The vehicles multi communications system is simply awesome. Multi CD, cassette player, full digital audio control with EQ, fuel economy display, average speed, kilometers of fuel left in tank, compass and altimeter and GPS (unfortunately Japan only)

Storage compartments everywhere to hold those necessary bits and bobs.

Great road view from the higher vehicle.

I don't know whether to call it a 4 X 4 or SUV. It fits both categories.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2003

2nd Sep 2004, 05:57

Did your Multi Communications System come in the english version or did you have to get it converted from japanese.

If so, How do you upgrade it?

My Chariot Super Exceed has the Multi Communications System. but its all in Japanese?



6th Sep 2004, 10:57

Hi. I would like to know how much you picked your RVR for? I wrote the comment "nice buy for 12k". Also, would you ever sell it? contact me at david@harnetcorp.com.

1995 Mitsubishi RVR Super Sports Gear 2.0 turbo petrol


A great buy for 12k


Well Well, what can I say. I had the thing for 3 days and the transmission failed on me. However, it was on its way out. More than likely because of the previous owner. Not to worry, it cost a little over a grand to get fixed, not to mention the month long search to find the right gear box for it!

The wheel bearings started to make noises at about 110,000kms. So, I had them replaced. They were quite east to find.

I think now the head gasket is on its way out, it seems to be leaking dribbles of oil, but only after a hard drive, so I will be replacing that to.

Spark plugs and leads will be replaced in the next 5000kms, I pulled a plug out the other day and it was quite dirty, so they are getting replaced.

And last, but not least, is the timing belt is due to be changed soon, and I need to find one, so if anyone knows of where I can get one, please comment on this review.

General Comments:

For sure this car exceeds its looks, but its the little things that bring it down.

There is no way I am going to bag the car though, its great.

The room in the back is amazing!! You can fold back the front and back seats to make a sort of double bed.

Some on played with my car in Japan I think and added a bit of woodgrain to it. The gear changer, steering weel (by momo) and all around the air con vents have woodgrain edging! Quite nice indeed!!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2003

29th Nov 2003, 18:22

Sounds like You purchased a car that had been pushed pretty hard before you got it... I just put a new 3 inch exhaust with a WRX box on the end. Whoa what a difference. Thinking about chipping it up next. As for parts I would just bite the bullet and go through your mechanic. I am noticing more and more of these RVR's around these days.