Scorpion GL 2.6L (2555cc)

A powerful 4 cylinder - not to be underestimated

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Scorpion GL 2.6

I love it, but for me its time to upgrade

117 words

Scorpion GL 2.6 Astron II

This car is cool..

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Scorpion GJ 2.6L Astron

It's a beast

89 words

Scorpion GL 2.6L

A cheap, good performer

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Scorpion GJ 2.6 litre 4 cylinder

A cheap, under-estimated, bargain car

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Scorpion GK 2.6L petrol

Overall a very cheap, reliable and fun car

805 words


Scorpion GH 2.6lt Astron

Hight performance gas street machine

105 words

Scorpion GJ 2.6 petrol

A high performance bargain

40 words

Scorpion GH 2.6L Astron

Cheap sports car for the first car buyer :-)

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Scorpion GH 2.6 petrol

Hot coupe on the cheap

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Scorpion gj astron 2.6 litre

Performance car for cheap

82 words

Scorpion GH 2.6 n/a petrol

Quick, but not too quick

77 words, 8 comments