Micra City Collection 1.4 petrol

Quirky looks, good engine and lots of space!

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Micra 1.4 petrol

Cute, well designed city car. Escapes class distinction, which is a rarity

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Micra SLX 1.3 fuel injected. 16v

A great car

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Micra LX 1.3L

Great cheap powerful little car!! Cheap fuel = save money!!!

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Micra SLX 1.3L

Excellent - A1 for reliability and ease of use

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Micra 1L petrol CG10DE

I can't find a better 1-1.3L car, it's great to drive and cheap

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Micra LS 1.0

Great little run-a-round, light, cheap to run, would loved to have had it in 1989

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