Liberty GX 2.2L EJ22 petrol

A reliable and affordable sedan that's a little different from the rest

166 words

Liberty GX AWD 2.2 petrol

Great first car!

107 words

Liberty RS Turbo Wagon 2.0 DOHC turbo

Inexpensive performance wagon

382 words

Liberty GX Rallye AWD 2.2L

Extremely reliable, very safe and robust

201 words

Liberty GX 4WD Wagon 2.2 boxer petrol 100kw 189nm

Tough Capable Comfortable

248 words, 1 comment

Liberty RS Turbo quad cam 2 litre 4wd

Great value car from Subaru

88 words, 2 comments

Liberty GX 2.2 EFI

Rock solid reliability in a balanced package

228 words, 3 comments

Liberty GX Wagon 2.2 petrol

A reliable and comfortable cruiser

179 words

Liberty GX 2.2

The perfect powerful car

27 words, 2 comments

Liberty GX 2.2

A great cruising car

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