Corolla AE82 Twin Cam 1.6L Twin Cam 16v

A Classic sports car for a good price!

105 words

Corolla Twincam 1.6 Supercharged

Cheap preformance

56 words

Corolla CS 1.6

I treat it like family, it is well looked after.

99 words, 1 comment

Corolla Twin Cam 16 1.6 twin cam

Little beast

81 words, 1 comment

Corolla GL 1.6

Extremely reliable motoring with pep at an affordable price

102 words

Corolla SR5 1.6 4AFE

Cheap 4wd power

106 words

Corolla hatch 1.8

Great and reliable

92 words

Corolla XL Liftback 1.3 petrol

If everyone learned to drive in one of these, there'd be no crashes

170 words

Corolla XL 4WD 1.6 twin cam

The all-rounder

160 words

Corolla AE 80 Hatchback Pov Pak 1.3

Budget car that is moody, but as robust as a tank

243 words, 2 comments

Corolla CS. AE82. 1.6L 8v 4 cylinder

A reliable and economical vehicle

115 words

Corolla CS 1.6 carb

Great on fuel and very reliable, but no head turner

330 words

Corolla Levin GTV 1.6 4age

A fun, quick and reliable coupe

86 words, 2 comments