Century Limited Gas

Great car. Besides the road noise and gas mileage

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Century V6

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Century Custom 3.1

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Century 2000 Edition/Limited 3.1

Besides the solenoid issue, a great car!

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Century Custom 3.0

Very comfortable, but too many things go wrong with it, and its very tight engine space to work on

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Century Custom 3.1 V6

It's OK

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Century Custom

Good-looking and good-handling car with relatively few problems

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Century Custom 3.1

Another GMC piece of crap

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Century 3.1 liter

I'd like to push it off a cliff (crushed and recycled would suffice) and get an import for my mom

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Century 3.1

I like the care

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Century 4D Sedan V6

The environment's worst enemy, buy it only if you want the Earth to commit suicide!

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Love the car, hate the repair bill!

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Century 3.1

I feel it is not worth the $6000.00 I paid for it

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Century Custom

Piece of crap!

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Century Custom 3.1

No value for its cost

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Century 6 cylinder

I have never had so much trouble out of a car with so few miles

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Century Custon 3.1 V6

Dependable and comfortable vehicle which give you surprising performance!!

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Century Custom 3.1

A great value

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Century Custom 2000 V6

Absolutely exceeding all expectations in reliability and comfort

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Century Custom 2000 3.1 Liter

Insipid reliability, but this car is comfortable and has many thoughtful options

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Century Custom 3.1L

Below average quality will keep me from buying another one

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Century Custom 3.1

Excellent value, usually overlooked by the 35-40+ age group, but is worthy of a serious look

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Century Custom 3.1

Good bargain, but, whats up with all the power window problems??/ RECALL!!!

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Century Custom 3.1


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Century Custom 3.1 V6

OK however needs updating to be competitive

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Century Custom 3.1 V6

Great car for the money

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Century custom limited 3.1L six

Lots of perks, nice looking, but those windows..

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Century 3.1L V-6

Old fart concept, but with more handling than comfort - weird, awful car

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