LeSabre Limited 5.0L (307) V8

I love it

278 words

LeSabre Limited 5.0 V8

This is a beautiful American classic automobile

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LeSabre Limited

Lots of room - lots of zoom!

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LeSabre Custom 5.0 307 V8

It is an excellent, very reliable, comfortable good looking and roomy car

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LeSabre Limited 307 4-barrel

Good car for the long haul

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LeSabre Custom Limited Olds 307 5.0L V8

Well built in every way

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Loved it, very reliable

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LeSabre Limited Coupe 307 Olds

My first car, and hopefully my next!

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LeSabre limited 307

Worlds best car

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LeSabre Custom 307

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LeSabre Custom 3.8L V6

A great deal

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LeSabre Custom V8

Great car, but could be shorter!

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LeSabre Limited Olds 307

One of a kind

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LeSabre Limited 307olds 5.0L 4bbl

Very reliable solid classy car

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LeSabre LTD 307

This car was very well made

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LeSabre Limited 307in V8 5.0L

It's a BEAST!

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LeSabre Limited 3.8 Litre V6

Great, comfortable, fast car that can fit lots of your friends

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LeSabre Limited 307

A great ride for big guys

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LeSabre Limited 307

It will be mine 'til it dies

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LeSabre Sedan Limited 5.0 L

A great, comfortable, well built car

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LeSabre Limited 231 V6

If you can, rip out the wimpy V6!

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LeSabre Custom Sedan 4.1 Liter V6

Wimpy V6 + 2-ton car = TROUBLE

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