1994 Buick Roadmaster reviews from North America

Roadmaster Estate 5.7 350

1103 words

Roadmaster 5.7 V8

This car has served us well for the past 15 years!!

109 words

Roadmaster 5.7 LT1

A car whose day has come - and gone

209 words, 6 comments

Roadmaster Estate Wagon 350 Corvette LT1

Best car that I have ever owned... bar none

196 words, 5 comments

Roadmaster Sedan LT1 5.7L

Grandma's Hotrod!

130 words, 2 comments

Roadmaster LT-1

Best car I have owned

53 words

Roadmaster Limited 5.7 LT1

Great sleeper car, can't wait to customize it some

74 words, 1 comment

Roadmaster Station Wagon 5.7 liter

The best car I ever owned!

154 words, 2 comments

Roadmaster 5.7 LT1 based

A true SLEEPER from the 90's

72 words, 1 comment

Roadmaster Limited LT1 350

Modern Detroit muscle with style

88 words

Roadmaster Station Wagon 5.7 LT-1

One AWESOME car overlooked by many

108 words, 3 comments

Roadmaster Estate Wagon LT1

Great all round vehicle

110 words, 5 comments

Roadmaster Limited Sedan LT-1 350

Fastest, most comfortable

115 words

Roadmaster Sedan LT-1 260 HP

Great performing and comfortable car

245 words


So much potential, yet falls apart

Roadmaster Limited 5.7 V8

High performance hot rod with comfort

70 words, 6 comments

Roadmaster 350 V8 LT1

46 words, 14 comments