25th Jul 2003, 22:35

Yes, the RoadMaster is one awesome car. My dad had several Mercury Grand Marquis and comments about the superior ride. Most people repeat themselves on the overall ride and performance on the first and second rides.

Now, I had an electrical problem in my 1994 RoadMaster sedan. It was total electrical shutdown on driving. It was discovered during diagnostic check at local service garage and was found to be the positive jump station on the passenger side of engine compartment close to the firewall. It had become loose and overheated. This caused intermittent disruptions in electrical and eventually total stalling condition. All owners should check to make secure the bolted connection as hand tight and make sure no overheating has occurred. This will result in a connection which will most likely need to be cleaned thoroughly with a wire brush. Does anyone know if this was a recall issue? My engine light also comes on on rolling to the same slow turn near my home most every evening. I ignore that light for now.

9th Feb 2005, 19:40

I have been having an electrical problem as well, but not a total failure. Sometimes the care will not start. Will not crank or make any noise indicating it is trying to start. Dashboard lights, radio etc, still work. I had the starter replaced, but about six months later is happened again. The real problem is wait an hour and it will start up. So right now it is difficult to figure for my mechanic since the car is running and starting fine. Any advise out there would be greatly appreciated.

5th Aug 2005, 19:29

Same electrical problem. Jump station on the passenger side. Melted the housing! My garage just placed the lead onto the side of the box, problem solved! If you notice lights flickering, and radio static, look there. It's a black box, passenger side, up high. Big battery connector on it. Other than that, they'll be burying me in my Roadmonster. Love it!!! Hauls butt, and rides like a dream!

12th Feb 2012, 18:16

Same problem with the jump station getting overheated and melted. The dash lights flickered, and the car would just die after running for about 10 seconds. Runs great after cleaning the melted connection up a bit, but need to find a replacement housing or rewire it.

29th Dec 2015, 03:44

Yes, this was a recall scenario. The threaded aux battery lead is made of zinc. GM released a kit to change the bolt over to brass. There are kits available on eBay. In a worst case scenario, the car can burn to the ground! If you have a 1994 or older model, check it out before you have issues.

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