Good, but problematic

84 words

Intrepid ES 2.7

A car with 1960s technology assembled in the 21st century

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Intrepid Sedan 2.7

Not bad if you don't mind putting a new engine in your car every 50 to 60 thousand miles

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Intrepid Base 2.7

All around Excellent Vehicle

42 words

Intrepid 2.7

Has been good to me. Still going

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Intrepid 2.7 litre

2.7 litre engine lasts so far till 140,000 km

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Intrepid 2.7


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Intrepid 2.7

The car is a lemon

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You must be rich if you buy this car

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Intrepid 2.7L

Great in every way except reliability, repairs now eating us up

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Intrepid ES 6 cylinder.

This model year was the worst product Chrysler created in decades

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This model year is a lemon

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Intrepid ES 2.8

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A nice roomy car, but with some problems

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Intrepid 2.7L

Paid a lot of money for it compared to prices now, but we're still happy with it

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Intrepid ES 2.7 LITER


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Intrepid ES 2.7 Liter 24 valve DOHC

Beautiful looking and very comfortable

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Intrepid Base 2.7 liter

Nice highway car, bad engine

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Intrepid 2.7

Very disappointed in the vehicle.

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Intrepid 2.7

I love my car!

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Intrepid 2.7

I like the car and would by another, but not a 2.7

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Intrepid 2.7

Don't buy one!

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