1999 Daewoo Lanos reviews from North America

Lanos SE 1.5

Cheap car to get from point A to point B

35 words


Good reliable car


Find a different car

Lanos S 1.6L

Daewoo Lanos Falls Apart Quickly

384 words, 4 comments

Lanos SE

Don't buy, it 's Cheap!!!

Lanos LE

An economical compact value for large sized people


A serious disaster

Lanos Not Sure 1.5

Avoid at all costs- believe me, there will be many

329 words, 4 comments


Great buy!


Lanos LX 1.6

A really fun car to drive

111 words, 1 comment

Lanos SE 1.6 litre

A real pocket rocket!!

119 words

Lanos SE 1.8

F - Failure to succeed

69 words

Lanos 4 cylinder

I should have kept the Aspire...This Daewoo has no quality at all

41 words, 2 comments

Lanos S 1.6

The Daewoo is a great car at a great price, I would definitely buy another

34 words

Lanos 1.6?

52 words, 1 comment

Lanos S 1.4

40 words

Lanos SX ?

47 words