2000 Daewoo Lanos


Consider any other vehicle


Started off 3 days after I bought it, transmission blew, at 7900 miles.

Seat safety recall.

Alignment, new tires, alignment, new tires...

38,000 transmission blew.

57,000 transmission blew.

Heater cable snaps.

62,000 timing belt, valves, pistons aka, the works.

Bonus, it's leaking oil from some unknown location into the spark plugs.

General Comments:

Worst car I have ever owned, and that's saying something since my previous car required a complete engine replacement.

Cute, sure...

Affordable, at first, but once you add on repair costs, loaner car costs, towing costs, missing work, and the fact that it's worthless on the market my $8000.00 car just turned into a money pit.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2005

17th Feb 2005, 18:31

Whoa, there's actually a dedicated Daewoo website?

5th Mar 2005, 09:41

I have a 2000 Daewoo Lanos, works great and runs well

No problems if you keep up with the maintenance.

Sometimes hard to get parts for and resale value is low.

Overall is a great deal, good gas mileage and low repair costs.

I plan on handing it over to my Niece when I get another car.

2000 Daewoo Lanos


Not so bad for the cost


Nothing much realLy. However, I a had a few call backs in the first year. First call back was for my air bags, the second call back was to verify my Cam sensor. And I know I had another one, but I can't seem to remember the exact problem. I know it was related to the wires underneath the dash.

General Comments:

The seats are comfortable.

However, they seem to move back by themselves.

The car makes cracking noises.

Shocks are not very durable.

No rust yet.

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Review Date: 14th February, 2005

2000 Daewoo Lanos LX


What seemed like a great, economical car is now a nightmare


5,529 miles; Aluminum flashing stuck in thermostat which caused Check Engine light to come on - Repaired.

8,431 miles; Stereo system wasn't performing up to par; had to replace radio/cassette/CD player.

15,043 miles; Antenna was loose and fell off; had to replace radio antenna.

48,148 miles; Front passenger brake hose broke and unable to replace. Sat on side of road for 2 weeks as I had a custom hose made - Cost was $118.00 for the piece, I put it on myself.

63,538 miles; Check Engine light came on; misfire in the spark plugs. Windshield Washer Lever on steering column malfunctioning; had to replace all.

64,323 miles; Valve cover gasket is leaking, heater mode cable came unattached from behind the dash board, oil leaking from oil cap seal and still having problems with windshield washer lever; again, replaced all.

68,370 miles; car is running real rough, bucking and stalling. Into the dealership to replace Cam Sensor.

71,283 miles; Heater Mode Cable becomes detached from the dial again behind the dashboard.

74,737 miles; Car is burning excessive oil; lead to the replacement of valve cover gasket, cam crank, and replaced right outer c-v boot and timing belt.

76,634 miles; Severe rattle in front end lead to discovery of a loose front end suspension.

78,247 miles; New Valve Cover Gasket leaking oil; replaced under warranty. Smell of antifreeze inside of car; discovered water pump needs replacing. Replaced front end brakes and rotors, seeing that it had to sit in the garage for 3-4 weeks awaiting the water pump.

79,671 miles; air conditioning is blowing warm air; dealership went through the a/c system and repaired.

79,752 miles; air conditioning system is back to blowing warm air; dealership is puzzled. All tests were done for leakage and all a/c belts were replaced and still does not work.

80,112 miles; Car stalled at red light of very major intersection. Car is towed to dealership; Cam Shaft Position Sensor is gone. I had it replaced.

80,175 miles; Red Air Bag light comes on in dashboard. Car never been in an accident; Air Bag Sensor is gone now. Unable to replace this sensor and now my car cannot pass inspection!

General Comments:

Nice style car, good on gas, but cannot find parts for it anywhere.

Rides like a freight train if it is not properly maintained every 3,000 miles.

Hard to get it to pick-up in speed, especially up a hill.

Very durable car. Has sat out for 3 winters and always starts in sub zero weather and no rust.

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Review Date: 23rd July, 2004

7th Nov 2004, 04:59

Done a far few miles there, maybe that's your problem.. unless you live in the country as opposed to the city.

22nd Apr 2007, 23:34

15,043 miles; Antenna was loose and fell off; had to replace radio antenna.- How does a mast antenna fall off? You must hit something with it for that to happen, buddy.

My 2000 lanos s has 40,431 miles on it, automatic and I get 34mpg. Never done anything, but change the oil and fill it with gas. You must have a lemon.