Daihatsu Rocky reviews from North America


Rocky SE Hard Top 1.6 gas

A city styled car, that can take an off-road beating

86 words, 8 comments


Rocky SX 1.6

Too reliable for United States

170 words

Rocky 1.6 16v

An unheard Japanese Surprise.

235 words, 5 comments


Rocky SX 1.6

The little rig that could... and will!

127 words

Rocky SX

One of the greatest vehicles I have ever and still have

Rocky 4 cylinder

This is not a real car

65 words, 2 comments

Rocky SE 1.6

Worth the price!!!

51 words

Rocky SX 1.6 liter 4-cylinder

Great running summer truck

213 words, 1 comment

Rocky SE

Tough little truck, lots of guts, no pretense

Rocky SE 1.6 gas

Excellent economy SUV

88 words, 4 comments