Daytona ES 3.0L Mitsubishi

The Monster in me

302 words

Daytona Base model 2.5

Love, love, love this car!

166 words

Daytona ES 3.0

I love these cars, I think that they are the best!

210 words

Daytona Base 2.2

Sporty, tough, dependable

207 words

Daytona ES 3.0

I'm Mopar power for life!!!

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Daytona 2.5 Inline 4 cylinder

Its worth the money you paid, not much!

62 words

Daytona ES V6

After 15 years still a handsome car and fun to drive... Lots of pep.

123 words

Daytona C/S Turbo 2.5L turbo

Best car ever built

90 words

Daytona 2.5L

Good reliable car for the money

111 words

Daytona Shelby 2.5 turbo intercooled

Shelby, enough said!

133 words

Daytona Hatchback 2.5

It sucks

74 words, 5 comments

Daytona ES 2.5L 4-cylinder

Tons of good, sporty fun

76 words

Daytona Hatchback 3.0L

More dependable than any other car I've owned

76 words

Daytona ES 3.0L V6

Style, Speed, and Economy

191 words

Daytona ES 2.5 turbo

A true mopar rocket

42 words

Daytona Base 2.2

A great project car

76 words

Daytona ES 2.5 turbo

Beauty and attitude in one sleek package

242 words, 3 comments

Daytona ES 2.5

She's my baby

60 words

Daytona ES 3.0 V6

A cheap, hot looking, performance car

69 words

Daytona ES 3.0 Liter V6

A fast, cheap, sporty car

60 words

Daytona ES 3.0L V6

A total sleeper

340 words

Daytona ES 3.0 V6

A very fast and realible car at a bargain price

110 words

Daytona ES V6 3.0 L

After 11 years, it still looks good, drives great and has been very reliable

240 words

Daytona ES 2.5 N/A

Economical attention grabber

111 words