Stratus ES 2.5

Not the best

62 words

Stratus SE 2.4L


106 words


I would never buy a Dodge Stratus again

541 words, 5 comments

Stratus 2.4L, 4 cylinder.

It's a reliable beast!

592 words

Stratus es 2.5L V6

Good for putting around town

122 words, 2 comments

Stratus ES 2.5 V6

Great car, would buy another.

48 words

Stratus Base 2.4 DOHC

If you keep it well maintained, it can be the best car you'll ever buy

142 words

Stratus 2.4L

Great, cheap, reliable car

139 words, 1 comment

Stratus 2.0L FI

Not worth buying, won't buy another!

181 words

Stratus 2.0

Overall it has been a good car

101 words, 1 comment

Stratus 2.4

Good for a 36 month lease then return at the end of the lease!

114 words

Stratus SE

Trojan Horse

144 words, 1 comment


Mechanically Horrible. Nice design

53 words

Stratus 2.4

Biggest pile of junk called a car ever made

151 words, 4 comments

Stratus ES 6 cylinder

Stay far, far away from Dodge

168 words, 2 comments


Buy something that wasn't made by Dodge!

211 words, 1 comment

Stratus LE 2.4 litre

A waste of money

125 words

Stratus 2.4

A great car at a great price!

109 words

Stratus ES 2.0

A demolition derby's dream!!!

167 words

Stratus ES 2.4

A P.O.S run it into a tree if you have a chance

111 words

Stratus ES

A total piece of junk that will put you in debt

356 words, 2 comments

Stratus 4 cylinder

A Chrysler high priced piece of junk

17 words, 1 comment

Stratus 2.4

New engine 3.3 V6

143 words, 1 comment

Stratus ES 2.5 V6

Sporty, roomy and very comfortable

131 words



163 words


This car is the biggest and most expensive piece of junk that I have ever had the misfortune to own

285 words, 1 comment

Stratus 2.4

Dodge should be ashamed of themselves

101 words

Stratus 1.4

If you wanna go Broke for a car that's a Joke

158 words, 2 comments

Stratus sedan 2.4

A great bargain if you take car of the vehicle

21 words

Stratus SE 204

Don't buy Dodge, cause you'll go broke fixing it!

158 words

Stratus ES V6

Not much!

50 words


Singing of the Sirens

342 words, 4 comments

Stratus 2.4

54 words

Stratus Basic 2.4

Comfortable and good looking/but a piece of crap nevertheless..

265 words, 1 comment


Roomy and great family car.

77 words, 1 comment

Stratus 2.4

A good car if you don't mind the expensive repair bills

125 words, 3 comments

Stratus SE 2.0

Dodge Stratus SE is a comfortable and stylish car

40 words

Stratus 1.4

If you want to spend as much as I did, get a Lexus!

87 words, 4 comments

Stratus Base 2.0

Good car, some issues

239 words, 1 comment

Stratus Base 2.0 4-cylinder

Great to look at, reasonably fun to drive... but I won't buy another one

132 words

Stratus Stock 2.0 4 banger

If you buy cheap crap, that is what you get, cheap crap!

62 words

Stratus SE 2.4

Car is ok, minor problems

180 words


Disgusted. Will never buy Chrysler again

36 words

Stratus 2.5 V6

Not good at all

150 words, 3 comments

Stratus ES 2.4L DOHC

The worst automobile ever created!

98 words, 15 comments

Stratus ES 2.5L V6 DOHC

A lot of car for the money

47 words

Stratus ES 2.4 L DOHC

Good car for the price

19 words

Stratus SE

Stay away from this car

88 words, 10 comments

Stratus 2.4 DOHC

The best car I ever owned!!

41 words

Stratus SE 4 cylinder

Reliable car for a reasonable price

42 words

Stratus 2.4 DOHC

I am pretty disappointed. I usually love Dodge

97 words, 23 comments

Stratus 2.5 liter

A waste of my money!!!!

90 words, 3 comments

Stratus 2.4 liter

An inexpensive luxury car

20 words

Stratus ES 2.0 liter I4

31 words

Stratus 2.4

40 words, 1 comment