Talon ES 2.0 non turbo

It's a great little 4 cylinder with balls

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Talon DL 1.8L 4 cylinder

If I had more money, the things I'd do to this car!

146 words

Talon ES 2.0 DOHC Non-turbo

Awesome Car

168 words

Talon ES 2.0

Piece of garbage

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Talon TSi V6 3.5L 24Valve

You can't go wrong with a car like this

136 words

Talon ESI/ES 2.0 DOHC 16v

Looks Sexy, Drives amazing, Eye catcher

129 words

Talon DL 1.8L

Perfect Honda eater!!!

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Talon ES 1.8

This is a very sporty car

62 words

Talon ES 2.0 ltr.

Very sporty and good looking

126 words

Talon awd 2.0 turbo

Talons make you a very good auto mechanic

153 words

Talon ESI 2.0 DOHC

A high adrenalin rush

152 words

Talon LS 1.8 non turbo

Fun, quick, toy, but can be very expensive

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Talon TSi 2.0 DOHC turbo

Great bang for your buck!

81 words

Talon ES 2.0

Nice Ride if you have got money $$

83 words

Talon ES 2.0 Liter DOHC non-turbo

As fun to drive as any Trans Am I've owned

130 words

Talon DL 2.0 turbo

I love my car

75 words, 4 comments

Talon TSi AWD Turbo 2.0 turbo

Great performance, piece of crap!

93 words, 4 comments

Talon AZ 2.0 DOHC

Cheap thrills

54 words, 3 comments

Talon 1.8

Don't buy this car, it's a pile of CRAP

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Talon TSI AWD 2.0 turbo

210hp AWD, not much else to say

59 words

Talon TSi awd 2.0l turbo

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