Freestar Limited 4.2L

A solid worthwhile vehicle for the family to enjoy for years to come

58 words

Freestar Limited 4.2 Gasoline

Brand New and Great! Will keep you updated

115 words, 18 comments


Freestar 3.9L

Decent family transportation

59 words, 2 comments

Freestar Limited 4.2

Great performance, when it's working properly!!

106 words

Freestar LX 4.2L

Good except for one engine problem

74 words

Freestar Limited 4.2L


117 words, 1 comment

Freestar LIMITED 3.9

Terrible, terrible

44 words, 2 comments

Freestar SEL 4.2 V6

Wonderful mini van. Kids love it!

162 words, 2 comments


Freestar SE 4.2l

Fantastic van!

130 words, 2 comments

Freestar SEL 4.2

Waste of money and time; should be pulled off the market

1520 words, 3 comments

Freestar Limited 4.2

Great car with very impressive acceleration

157 words

Freestar SE 4.2

OK, but you need deep pockets

156 words

Freestar llimited

92 words, 2 comments

Freestar Limited 4.2

86 words

Freestar SEL 4.2

You get what you pay for

133 words

Freestar Sport 3.9 Essex V6

Never purchase this vehicle!

76 words

Freestar Limited 4.2

No opinion anymore

151 words, 1 comment

Freestar 3.9L

186 words

Freestar SES 3.9

The Ford Freestar is a piece of junk

204 words, 3 comments

Freestar SES

189 words

Freestar SEL


139 words, 1 comment

Freestar Unknown

2004 Ford Freestar Transmission

65 words, 3 comments

Freestar SEL


76 words

Freestar SES 4.2L V6

A basic van I would purchase again

68 words

Freestar Base 3.8L V6

Dependable, no frills and good value

485 words

Freestar sel 4.2 liter

Too expensive, uncomfortable, undependable

109 words

Freestar Ltd 4.2

Overpriced. I would recommend it only if you can get it cheaply

152 words, 80 comments