Tempo 2.4

Good running, and easy to work on

226 words


Ugly, but it gets around

383 words

Tempo L 2.3

My 1991 Tempo L is an excellent car

82 words

Tempo GL 2.3

OK car, but I would buy something different in the future, unless I got a heck of a good deal

94 words

Tempo 2.3

Can it get any worse?

59 words

Tempo GL 2.3

Cheap, hassle free, reliable transportation

264 words, 1 comment

Tempo 4 cylinder


49 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 4 cylinder.

Overall, I would rate this car fair to good

553 words, 1 comment

Tempo 4-door sedan non Turbo 4 cylinder

Great car, cheap upkeep, enjoy them while they last

230 words

Tempo L 2.3

Decent car for $$$

27 words

Tempo L 2.3

A true hit or miss classic, in this case, a hit!

228 words, 1 comment

Tempo L 2.3L SOHC


80 words

Tempo L

Was good in her day, but that day has passed

72 words

Tempo GL

What would I do without it?

151 words

Tempo L 2.4 Il4

Perfect first car

274 words, 1 comment

Tempo L 2.3

Cheap reliable transport

86 words


A oil eater

96 words

Tempo GL

Overall, my Tempo has been reliable, affordable, comfortable transportation

175 words

Tempo LX 2.3 liter

A cheap beater

245 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 2.3 16v

Solid transportation investment

106 words

Tempo GL 2.3

A great deal, if you are good with maintaining cars

212 words

Tempo GL 2.3

A quick car, can drag race a mustang gt and beat it

128 words, 3 comments

Tempo GL ???

190 words

Tempo GL

Cheap and Reliable most of the time

61 words

Tempo 2.4 cylinder

A tempo and a cheap running very reliable car

100 words, 3 comments

Tempo GL not sure

One of the best of older cars.

46 words

Tempo L 2.3L 2 doors

Eat gas, won't move

178 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 2.3 Liter

Great first car, however, I'm an import lover

139 words

Tempo L 2.3

A simply impressive piece of machinery

305 words

Tempo 2.0

Seems like it should have lasted longer, ours must have been a dud

119 words

Tempo GL 2.3 HSC

Tempo GL - good, safe, and affordable.

97 words

Tempo GL 2.3L

A scary winter vehicle

70 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 1.7

A Great Tank with the handling of a Sports Car

133 words

Tempo GL

I hope my new car is as good to me as my Tempo was

184 words


This vehicle is a piece of crap

84 words, 8 comments

Tempo GL 1.9 4 cylinder

A high performance deal

151 words, 1 comment

Tempo GL 2.3

I'm very happy with it so far

72 words


Handles great

60 words

Tempo GL 4 cyl

Good second car

56 words

Tempo GL 2 speed

For the price, a steal!

154 words, 5 comments

Tempo GL 2.3

81 words