1995 Geo Metro reviews from North America

Metro LSi 1.3

An amazing econobox!

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Metro 2-door 1.0L 3 cylinder

This is the car we all need for around town and short trips - Yeah Baby

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Metro LSI

It doesn't run good at all

Metro 1.0 liter

Super little car, yet to be matched in economy

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Metro 1.3

One excellent car! Love it beyond words and has been the most reliable car EVER!

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Metro 1.0

An economical and reliable little workhorse

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Metro 1 liter 3 cylinder

70 words

Metro Base 1.0L 3-cylinder

Best car I've ever owned of more than 20 vehicles over decades

102 words

Metro sedan 1.2 Liter

Rocket on wheels

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Metro 4 Dr Sedan 1.3

Great Car if you are on budget

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Great car

Metro Base 1.0

Bitter Lemon

357 words, 9 comments

Metro LSI 3.0 Liter

The most reliable and faithful car I've ever owned!

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Metro Base Hatchback 1.0 3 cylinder

Fun good quick car

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It's not just a car, but a well-made solid machine

Metro LSI 1.0

The only regret I have is selling the car..

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Metro 1.0 liter, 3 cylinder

Most Bang for Your Buck

106 words

Metro LSi

The greatest drift machine..

Metro 3 door 1.3

Cheap, reliable transportation--a great used buy!

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Metro 3 Cyl 1.0 L.

This car has awesome gas mileage and is extremely reliable

Metro LSI Acura TL 2.3 litre Turbocharged

I love this car, after all, come on, who drives a tricked out Metro?

96 words

Metro 3-Cylinder 1.0L

I'm really happy with this car

525 words, 14 comments

Metro 1.3L 4 cylinder

The highest quality car I've ever owned

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Metro Lsi 1.0

Can I get any more MPG out of it?

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Metro Lsi 1.0

Everyone should have one

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Metro LSI hatchback 1.3

The Geo is the best car to own

107 words, 2 comments

Metro Lsi 1.3 litre

Good economical car

110 words, 3 comments

Metro 1.0

It took me 2years to find another and I won't sell this one

65 words, 1 comment

Metro LS?

My Geo Metro is a GREAT ECONOMY CAR needing few repairs

Metro LSi 1.3L 4 cylinder

DA midget mobile

155 words

Metro 1.0 3 cylinder

The Best Car Ever Made!!!

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Metro 1.3

A reliable runner with great gas mileage lacking in comfort.

141 words, 2 comments

Metro 1.0 liter

Decent car, poor performance, good economy

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Metro Base 1.0 3-Cylinder

The best 3 bangs for the buck

199 words

Metro LX

No better car for young people

Metro Hatchback 1.0 L3 SOHC


63 words, 2 comments

Metro LSi 1.3 Liter 4 cylinder

A cute and quick little car that's a pleasure to drive

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Metro LSI Coupe 1.0 3 cylinder

Geo goes zoom zoom zoom

131 words

Metro LSI Sedan 1.3

Comfortable small car

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Metro Base 1.0 3 cylinder

Metros last just as long as a Civic or Corolla

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Metro LSi 1.3 L

A reliable little car and enjoyable to drive

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Worth every penny!

Metro LSI Sedan 1.3

The engine so smooth and quiet you can't even tell it's running

102 words, 2 comments

Metro Sedan

Poor choice!

Metro LSi 1.3L

Economical, no-frills commuter car

91 words, 4 comments

Metro LSI Sedan 1.3

More than you think it is..

22 words

Metro LSi 1.3

Great car for little money!!

31 words

Metro 1.0

$2 per gal. It pays for itself

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Metro LSi 1.3

Best car ever made and it's cute!

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Metro 1.0 manual

A piece of crap!

71 words, 9 comments

Metro LSi 1.3


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Metro LSi 1.3 turbo (turbo added)

Bad ass little car!

87 words, 46 comments

Metro LSi 1.0 turbo

Three cylinder with an extra KICK

123 words, 14 comments

Metro 1.3 litre

Is it me or is this car smiling at you?

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Metro 1.0

Small but safe as well

129 words, 2 comments

Metro LSi 1.3L 4 cyl

Utilitarian has never been so much fun!

95 words, 2 comments

Metro Sedan 1.3 liters

A reliable cost effective must

113 words, 4 comments

Metro 1.0

Good bargain

42 words

Metro 1.0 3 cylinder

This a great car that just has one BIG problem, it has no power

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Metro LSi 1.3

Long lasting..

56 words

Metro LSi 1.3 Liter 4 cyl

Very, very good cheap car that's reliable

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Metro SDN 1.0

20 words

Metro LSi 1.3

49 words

Metro LSi 1.3

33 words

Metro LS 1.3

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