Prizm LSi 1.8L

Great first car, wouldn't give it up

53 words, 1 comment

Prizm 1.6

Great runner! Find one and buy it

58 words

Prizm LSI 1.8L

Fantastic quality, low cost maintenance, high reliability!

136 words

Prizm L 4 cylinder 1.6L

This is the best small car available

70 words

Prizm Base 1.6

Best car ever!!

137 words, 1 comment

Prizm 1.6L

Immortal, indestructable, unbreakable...

266 words

Prizm LSi 1.6

Just awesome!

100 words, 1 comment

Prizm 1.6

Best car I have ever owned

167 words, 2 comments

Prizm basic 1.6

You can't kill these cars; they're indestructible

59 words

Prizm LSI 1.8L

This car seems to be everything you all have said about it and then some

28 words

Prizm Lsi not sure

Wonderful best car you'll ever have

44 words

Prizm LSi 1.6

Biggest bang for the buck

89 words


Best car for the money and more

94 words, 5 comments

Prizm LX

It is excellent

28 words, 1 comment

Prizm 1.8

Can't wait to buy my next one, but not willing to give this one up yet!

170 words, 1 comment

Prizm LSI 4 cylinder

This car is worth every penny I spent for it and then some

70 words

Prizm hatch back 1.0

Got M.P.G

111 words, 2 comments

Prizm LSi 1.8

A wonderful commuter car that just won't quit

99 words

Prizm 1.6L

The Prizm is reliable and cheap to drive

150 words

Prizm LE

An exceptional car. I would buy 3 more

112 words

Prizm LSi

A great and reliable car at a fair price

55 words

Prizm LSi 1.8L

A perfect first vehicle

148 words


The best car you'll find!

94 words

Prizm LSi 1.6

Reliability can't get any cheaper

55 words


Cheap, runs for ever, starts every time in any weather

154 words, 1 comment

Prizm LSi 1.6

Best Geo of the all

100 words, 1 comment

Prizm 1.6L

You can't get much better than a Toyota car with a Geo price tag.

118 words

Prizm Base 1.6 Liter

Very good value for the money :)

123 words, 1 comment

Prizm LSi 1.6 gasoline

A great car at a great price!!!

33 words

Prizm LSi 1.8L

The best car for the money

178 words, 2 comments

Prizm LSi 1.8


91 words

Prizm 4 cyl

Excellent vehicle!!!

67 words

Prizm LSi

Fantastic car!!

51 words

Prizm LSi 1.8

Very reliable...

44 words, 2 comments