Storm 1.6L

A blue beast disguised as an econobox

1233 words

Storm GSI 1.8

Worth its weight in gas

63 words

Storm 1.6

It grows on you

100 words


I love my Storm!

202 words


Definitely worth $1000

141 words

Storm Base 1.6 SOHC

Fast, fun, reliable, The Storm

157 words


The best small car for a good price

87 words

Storm GSi 1.8

A sports car at a compact price

89 words


This has been a very reliable car

124 words

Storm Base 1.6 Ltr 4 Cylinder

If I could buy a brand new Geo Storm, I would

221 words, 5 comments


Great for price and looks

116 words

Storm Base

Fun, but not worth the hassle

312 words, 1 comment

Storm 1.6

Horrible exhaust system from front to back

147 words, 2 comments

Storm GSi 1.8L DOHC

Excellent car for the price

221 words, 5 comments

Storm 1.6 SOHC

Pulls hard, dirt cheap, never breaks

112 words, 4 comments

Storm 1.8

Geo brand's pocket rocket

37 words

Storm Sport 1.8

Takes a beating and keeps going

127 words

Storm GSi 1.8

Great car

50 words

Storm GSi 1.6

Great car, has never let me down

78 words

Storm GSi 1.8

Eye catcher...

48 words, 1 comment

Storm LSi 1.6?

Geo sports car

131 words