Not sure, I've had worse

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Jimmy SLT 4.3 Vortex

The Jimmy is OK but not purchase a 96 or newer where many of these problems were fixed..

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Jimmy SL

Walk but do not BUY

112 words

Jimmy 4.3 vortex

Engineering disaster

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GM Sucks!!!

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The car was one of the biggest mistakes of my life

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Jimmy 2 door LX

This is a very bad, non reliable car

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Jimmy SLT

Its one of the best!

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Jimmy LXE

The 1995 GMC Jimmy is a very special one of a kind piece of junk

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Jimmy SLT ?

Turns on a dime, But needs pampering!$!$!

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Jimmy SLS 4.3

Next vehicle will be 4-wheel

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Jimmy SLE 6 cylinder Vortec

A very poor product!

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Jimmy S15 4.3 vortek


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Jimmy SLT 6 cylinder

GMC Jimmy SLT is a LEMON

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Jimmy SLS 4.3L C.P.I.

Great reliability for a 4X4

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Jimmy SLT Vortec 4.3

A great, little off-roading SUV

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Jimmy SLS 4.3L

An expensive to own nice all around vehicle

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Jimmy SLS vortec


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Jimmy passenger V6

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Jimmy SLS

75 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3L Vortec CPI

Very reliable well-built truck

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Jimmy SLE Vortec six

I've tried really hard to like this vehicle, but it has become expensive

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