Jimmy 4.3L V6

This is a pretty decent vehicle, as long as you do regular maintenance on it

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Jimmy SLE 4.3

It's been a great truck for me

96 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3 Vortec

Awesome truck

110 words

Jimmy SLE

The GMC Jimmy is a great vehicle, it has taken me through thick and thin so far

404 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3L Vortec V6

Fun and comfortable vehicle. If you treat it well, it'll behave!

415 words

Jimmy SLS 4.3L Vortec

Awesome, fun, and reliable

212 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3 Vortec

This truck is a tease; it is sexy and acts like your friend, but in the end it just wants money

314 words

Jimmy SLT 4.0 V6

Wish I would have bought a full sized truck

120 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3L V6

Could've been so much better.

90 words

Jimmy SLX V6


255 words

Jimmy SLE 4.6

This vehicle is great, and I would purchase another one

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Jimmy SLE 4.3 W SN motor

339 words



367 words


It's a lemon

82 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3L

This truck is awesome

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Jimmy SLT 4.3L

Expensive to run after 5yrs old

196 words


59 words

Jimmy sle 4.3

Cash incinerator

51 words

Jimmy sle 4.3

I am very pleased with it

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Jimmy SLS 4.3L Vortec

Decent enough to drive, WAY too expensive to fix!

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Jimmy SLS 4.3L

A headache

236 words


Bad vehicle, buyer beware

173 words

Jimmy SLS 4.3L Vortec V6

Half-baked SUV

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Jimmy SLT 4.3

Great Car... if you don't mind the gas prices!

62 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3 litre 6 cylinder

Do no buy a Jimmy unless you are a mechanic and have nothing better to do than fix you vehicle other

440 words


Money pit

92 words


Good engine, bad everything else

211 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3 Vortec

149 words

Jimmy SLE


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Jimmy SLE 4.6L V6

Good car, but I would buy a Jeep Next time

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Jimmy SLT

Consumer Choice should rate this GMC Jimmy 1999 SLT as a bad purchase

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Jimmy SLT 4.3L

Me and Jimmy are a great Match, awesome vehicle!

194 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3 Liter Vortec V6

I really enjoy driving my Jimmy a lot.

234 words

Jimmy SLS


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Jimmy SLS 4.7 Vortec


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