Jimmy SLE 4x4 4 door

Nice car, but hope you have plenty of money to keep it running

107 words


Good automobile

103 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3L

Piece of crap

61 words

Jimmy SLE

The Jimmy is terrific...!

137 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3L

Appeared to be a reasonably-priced SUV initially; has become a constant frustration to maintain

89 words


If you don't mind spending lots of money on repairs, then it's a good car

57 words

Jimmy SLS 3.5

It's alright, but stay on top of the maintenance!

274 words

Jimmy SLE

GM did not put this car together very well

164 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3L

High versatility, poor reliability

303 words, 1 comment

Jimmy SLT 4.3L V6

This is a very capable but unreliable vehicle

129 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3 V6

Not so bad if you like to do repairs

136 words

Jimmy 4.3 Litre V6 Vortec

I love it; it hasn't failed me yet.

51 words

Jimmy SLS 4.3L

Excellent value true off-roading and tow-capable SUV!

310 words, 1 comment

Jimmy 4 door 4WD 4.1

I would sum it up in one word - junk!!!

149 words

Jimmy Diamond Edition 4.3 V6 Vortec

Beautiful truck, but costly repairs

118 words

Jimmy SL 4.3L V6

Jimmy problems???

266 words

Jimmy Diamond Edition 4.3

You are not my friend you dirty diamond

132 words, 1 comment

Jimmy Diamond Edition

It's a nice truck, but has major flaws GM pretends not to know about

203 words

Jimmy SLS

126 words

Jimmy sle V6

Twice burned I will not buy GMC again

83 words, 1 comment

Jimmy LT 4.3L V6

The 2000 GM Jimmy is not a bad vehicle, but there are better choices

197 words, 1 comment

Jimmy 4.3

This vehicle was designed to break down

106 words, 1 comment

Jimmy SL V.6

General Motor Company,for me stands for bad business and low integrity

274 words

Jimmy sle 4.3

Should be much better for the price

93 words

Jimmy SLT 4.3

Built during a hangover?

62 words

Jimmy SLE

Reliable, Comfortable, Affordable. A+

241 words

Jimmy SLS 4.3

Avoid these vehicles at all costs

123 words

Jimmy 6 cylinder


77 words, 1 comment

Jimmy SLE 4.3 Vortec

What a costly investment

47 words

Jimmy SLT V6

A lot if little things that are annoying

126 words

Jimmy SLE V6

This car requires expensive maintenance and repairs

85 words

Jimmy SLE 4.3L V6 Vortec

Decent vehicle, but bad on gas.

236 words, 1 comment

Jimmy SLE 4.3 gas

Worst SUV I ever bought

67 words


I like the car, but it's unpredictable with problems

29 words

Jimmy SLS 4.3 V6

A piece of garbage for the money

108 words, 1 comment

Jimmy SLE 4.3

Just an average car

132 words

Jimmy SLE 4x4 4.3 Gas

Does it come with Lemonade?

128 words, 3 comments

Jimmy SLE V6

Questioning Warranty

66 words, 80 comments