21st Aug 2010, 13:35

GMC Jimmy SLE 2000

I bought my Jimmy last October. And the first day I drove it home (about 160 miles), and the guy who sold it to me wanted 5k, but I asked for 3k, so he settled for it.

Well coming home with it, I notice a shake up when I get to about 60-75mph, and just recently I had to replace my radiator, and it was about probably at 184,966 miles, and now it's not doing good at all; it's at 185,166 probably, but my temp gauge is reading 125 in the middle, like a quarter instead of in the middle.

Anyway, my CD player doesn't work; it quit reading CDs 3 months ago.

I do not like the Jimmy; I love GMC though, but I just don't understand why the models are so crappy. The inside is falling apart.

I don't know what to do any more. I want to see it, but well I'm only 17 and my parents are very old, and think it's a car, just drive it, but that's not the point. I wish there was someway I could keep up with the maintenance, but anyway, I hope that what I read on those other comments doesn't happen to me, but eventually every car gets old, so hopefully I have good advice to all that have read this!!!

16th Sep 2010, 20:44

I have had nothing but major problems with my 2000 GMC Jimmy SLS. I had to replace the heater core, talk 'bout a $#@*&$% night#$%*&^#mare or twilight zone episode or god hates me; or all three plus.

I would really, seriously, like to… ah, never mind, (like the engineer). Do not, and I stress not, buy a 2000 GMC Jimmy SLS or take it if a guy pays you to take it. Biggest piece o’ crap that ever fell out of something’s ass.

Remember now, "the owners of any 2000 GMC Jimmys might result in homicide or suicide or both".

12th Oct 2010, 19:55

2000 GMC SLE, 4X4. Bought at 178K, now has 197K. Had problem with 4x4 when I first got it, was a vacuum leak. Replaced oil lines, radiator, rear hubs, fuel filter and brakes. Averaging 21 MPG on highway. Starts and runs great. I must have gotten one of the "good" ones!

1st Jun 2011, 14:25

Some of you guys are ridiculous, you complain about repairs to cars you bought with over 150,000 miles on them! You blame GMC; how about blaming the prior owner for not maintaining the car!

I bought a 2000 GMC Jimmy 4 years ago, at 58000 miles, and it currently has 94000 miles on it. I also do my own work to an extent. The most expensive thing I have had to have repaired is the 4WD, and that was only because my idiot wife thinks she can fly over ice ruts in the street because it is a 4WD. Turns out the transfer case slammed into the bottom of the truck and cut the vacuum line. That's not GMC's problem. She did it!

I too replaced front wheel hubs, but be honest I replaced them at 75000 miles from the day it was built. Read the specs on these, they are only rated to last 60000 miles from the OEM manufacturer.

A lot of these repairs can be controlled by regular maintenance. Change the oil, air filter, fuel filter, have the coolant and tranny flushed and refilled BEFORE YOU HAVE PROBLEMS, NOT AFTER! Coolant and tranny fluid breaks down with use, read the owner's manual, it tells you how often to do these things. If you follow it, you are unlikely to have any major problems with it.

14th Aug 2011, 17:02

2000 Jimmy.

Alternator, 2 wheel bearings, 2 transmissions, fuel pump fuel relay. Can't afford a tuneup. Front end work. Cannot get the key out unless it sits for 5 minute.

Expensive car. 180,000 miles.

30th Jul 2012, 22:53

I own a 2000 GMC Jimmy SLE 4x4. I purchased it on Jan 27, 2010. It had about 64,000 miles on it, and only one owner previously. I was so excited about it! Now I can't wait to get rid of it.

As I drove it home, I had no heat. I contacted the car dealer, the heater core had to be fixed and the radiator flushed. That has now happened twice in less than 2 1/2 years. Have had to have the upper and lower ball joints fixed, the front right twice within months - it was coming loose. Have had to replace the fuel pump twice in less than a year, and it's still not quite right... acts like it's going to go out again, after less than a month.

The rear washer line had to be fixed twice within 2 months of purchase, the lower (front) washer motor had to be replaced a month or so ago, the front gasket had to be replaced just a few weeks ago, replaced the battery a couple of months ago, the brakes are squeaking, and the driver's window regulator had to be replaced twice right after I bought it.

The dash lights flicker off and on. Especially if you move the dimmer switch.

One of the driver's side window switch motors had to be replaced, and not all the lights work. Have had to replace the thermostat twice, it keeps leaking antifreeze slowly (somewhere!), and it is currently in the shop getting the radiator rotted out (again) and a new water pump... also, had to have the 4wd fixed. It would jump from 2wd into 4 low on its own. They changed out the switch inside on the passenger side, and, thank goodness, that fixed it.

Have had to replace the driver's side visor mirror twice already, and have another one waiting to replace the 2nd one when I get it back tomorrow. Had to replace all four shocks last week, along with getting an alignment and the tires balanced (again).

Had to purchase a new ambient temperature sensor.

I am not a happy camper when it comes to this vehicle.

I have a 1989 Chevy Cheyenne 7.4 liter (454) 1 ton with 4.10 gears pickup (NOT a dually) that I bought new in 1989 that has close to 175,000 miles on it, and have not had near the problems with it as I have had with this GMC Jimmy. I will never buy another Jimmy again.

As soon as the loan is low enough, it will be traded off for a new vehicle. It now has 129,500 miles on it.

I love the look, feel and the way it drives, when I get to drive it.

I am not a mechanic. Which means I have to pay a mechanic to fix my vehicles, and this little Jimmy has cost too much to keep on the road. Between the loan and the repairs, I have put over $15,000.00 into this lemon.

My advice? Don't waste your hard-earned dollars on a 2000 GMC Jimmy SLE 4WD vehicle. Pass on it. You'll be sorry if you don't.

13th Sep 2012, 12:12

2000 GMC Envoy... bought with 85K miles - 2 1/2 years ago.

Nothing but a headache. This vehicle is the reason I hadn't purchased a used car in 20+ years - always new - but with my husband not working and kids - couldn't afford car payments.



Wheel hubs.

4WD module.

Upper/lower ball joints.



Fuel pump.

Heater core.

Several A/C repairs.

ABS sensors (x 4).

HID lights ($1300 repair); had mechanic bypass replaced with 9006 bulbs - cost $20.00.

New engine - threw rod on the expressway and seized.

Outside of the 12 year old body style -- I pretty much now have a "new" car.

Almost can't wait to see what else goes wrong with it.

26th Jan 2014, 19:49

Regarding the broken lever for the passenger seat, there is a $20-$30 kit on eBay that will fix the seat without replacing it.

Search for: Jimmy Blazer Sonoma SEAT HANDLE 94 to 03 to find it

15th Mar 2015, 19:41

Try making sure the car is in neutral when changing to 4x. Not in park.

13th May 2015, 04:38

I have a 2000 Jimmy too. It has had all the same problems as everyone else. I have a mystery problem that nobody can fix. The steering has 5 inches of play in the steering wheel. Replaced the entire front end and all ball joints, and even the gear box. If anyone has a clue, please reply!!!

18th May 2015, 01:21

Definitely take it to a second mechanic's shop and get them to look at all those parts installed... Sure sounds like the rack & pinion system to me!