19th Apr 2009, 00:38

I recently went to the beach in my 99 GMC Jimmy 4x4, and I pushed the 4hi button and it just kept on blinking. I'm guessing it never engaged and I didn't go offroading like I wanted. If anybody has had this problem or knows what's wrong, please e mail me at pqsus@yahoo.com thanks.

17th Jun 2009, 15:57

I bought my 2000 GMC Jimmy with 29,000 miles on it. This car has been nothing but problems.

Rebuilt transmission with 65,000 miles.

Front wheel bearings.

New fuel pump.

New fuel gauge.

Water pump.

Head gasket.

Four wheel drive doesn't work, and many other problems that I can't keep track of.

Now the transmission doesn't work anymore. This piece of junk has cost me more money than I know what to do with. I wish I would have read these comments before I bought it. I think it is time to put the nail in the coffin on this Jimmy.

26th Jun 2009, 09:27

I have a 2005 GMC Jimmy. I've got 160 000k on it and the only thing that's wrong is the front passenger wheel bearing, and this would be the first thing I will put in since I've had it since 60 000k. And I'm 18 years old and it has taken one heck of a beating. Its held up good. No complaints here.

3rd Aug 2009, 19:11

I have a 1994 and a 2000 GMC Jimmy, and I love them both. We are having to repair the left wheel bearing as well, but this car is driven a lot. We live on a farm and have to have 4 wheel drive in the winter to get up our drive, and I have been amazed how well they do. Like someone else said; if you keep up on maintenance and pay attention to how your car drives, you can avoid many of these issues.

28th Aug 2009, 07:02

I purchased a GMC Jimmy 4WD 24 months ago with 83000 miles. I now have 117000. Have had transmission replaced.. tensioner and idler arm replaced... Front upper and lower ball joints replaced and brake calipers. It has been costly but no problems in last 6 months. If I ever buy another used truck, all these will be checked beforehand.

13th Nov 2009, 11:49

I have owned a 2000 Jimmy for four years now. In that time I have replaced the fuel pump twice, replaced both front wheel bearings and hubs, replaced radiator, rebuilt the transmission, replaced serpentine belt, passenger side seat adjuster has broke off, had and still have alignment problems, horn has never worked, air conditioning does not work and has been serviced twice and I also have the worst gas mileage EVER!!! It sucks it out faster than I can pump it.

I am very disappointed with my JIMMY and from the looks of this sight many of you are dealing with the same issues. I am sorry to hear this and ashamed of GMC for selling such a poor product. These cars are not cheap and I don't know about the rest of you, but I work hard for my money and could be putting it to much better use than in this money pit.

Now my alternator just went out. I am buying a new car one piece at a time.

10th Dec 2009, 17:32

I had a green 2000 Jimmy and I loved it, until I rolled. I got a black 2000 Jimmy and the 4 wheel drive doesn't work. Both had the passenger side seat adjuster broken off (why?). Some Jimmies OK, others are not.

23rd Jan 2010, 13:31

I have a 2000 Jimmy, practically maintenance free. Leak in heater core but that is only thing I have had to replace of major consequence. Nothing lasts forever folks. Although my '97 Jimmy has come close, over 200,000 and only a transmission, which I replaced myself, and a rearend. Pretty cheap for 12 years of use.

23rd Feb 2010, 09:02

I own a 99 and a 98 GMC Jimmy. Bought the 99 dirt cheap off of my aunt, and the 4wd was out and the gas tank leaked. Had no problems whatsoever. Still runs like a champ.

My 98 also runs like a champ with 132,000 miles. 99 has 256,000.

I do notice a difference in power between the two. I guess the 99 is just worn out because of all the miles on it. Dealer confirmed that the motor is original and has never been changed out.

Only problem with the 98 is the A/C doesn't work. Other than that, really good running trucks. That's why I keep on buying them.

I even pulled a 2wd Silverado out of 7 inches of snow in my 99 with no 4x4. Love my Jimmy's.

25th Feb 2010, 07:06

I have owned my 2000 Jimmy since 2003.

Shortly after I bought it, I had to replace a wheel bearing. Very expensive while still having to make payments.

I have had the driver's side seat adjuster break off, the driver's side power window motor replaced, but the biggest problem is oil cooler lines. It's in right now replacing both sets. This is about the third time.

I have also replaced ball joints, and a wheel bearing, alternator and battery after an accident. It's odd to say it was nice to have had an accident, so insurance would pay for some of the repairs.

I have always been a GM buyer, but I think Ford will be my next vehicle.

2nd Mar 2010, 21:34

2000 GMC Jimmy SLE.

Worst vehicle I have EVER owned - no joke. I've always been a die-hard GM fan since I started driving 20 years ago, but this vehicle is a disgrace.

I do all my own maintenance & repairs, as I have since I rode bicycles. I've owned several different GM vehicles, from Chevys to Oldsmobiles, from 1972 to present. No amount of maintenance will prevent failure of poorly manufactured components.

Bought this pile in February of '08 with 109,000 miles. Started off immediately replacing upper & lower ball joints, end links & bushings, pitman & idler arms, miles of disintegrating vacuum lines, Y-pipe with cat assembly, both upstream O2 sensors, & 4WD vacuum switch in the transfer case. Also repaired the rear washer fluid hose that was dumping gallons of fluid into the body. I expected a few repairs given the mileage, but this was a bit ridiculous.

Soon after, the 1-2 shift solenoid failed in the transmission, which caused the truck to start off in 3rd gear. Then the high beams stopped working due to a problem in the multifunction switch. Everything else worked with the switch (cruise, turn signals, etc.), so I installed an old school 70's floor dimmer switch which has been working great for a year now.

Then, wipers only worked on HI. Replaced entire motor to be safe. Then, front wheel bearing failed. Soon after that, it needed a front brake job (regular maintenance).

Now I have a driver side window that only works once when you first start the vehicle, power mirrors that don't function, a P0300 check engine code, smoked hinge pins/bushings on both front doors, dragging rear brakes, leaky oil lines, & vents that won't blow air in the correct positions.

Also, last week my wife was towed home due to the headlights failing after she got out of work late. Had 12V on the grounds. Couldn't make sense of how it was wired, so I mickey moused all the grounds to the frame, then had to tape off the HI-beam indicator lamps contacts & run wires for power/ground to the fuse box and dimmer switch respectively, as it would remain lit with or without lights or engine on.

The P0300 is a random misfire code, not isolated to one cylinder, but jumping around too many. New cap, rotor, coil, plugs & wires did not fix the issue. This has the potential to ruin the $510 cat I just installed 2 years ago. I've ruled out vacuum leaks, so that leaves the EGR valve (at over $150), the fuel pressure regulator, injectors or fuel pump. Being a small time shop here, repairing this is an expensive crap shoot.

So these are the problems I've come across in 2 years time. One problem after another with this piece of shi*. Must have been built on a Friday before New Years. Currently has 144,000. My last truck, a '94 K1500 pickup was sold with 266,000 on it & not one tenth the issues of this Jimmy.

I have sworn off all OBD-II vehicles. From now on, I will only buy & drive cars built in the 60's or 70's. This way repairs are cheap & simple, and as an added bonus, there's no emission testing (if you live in a semi-communist state like I do).

I sincerely hope GM is aware of what a junk vehicle they have thrown together here, & gets on the ball to correct itself. Judging from recent news, I think it's already too late.