21st Aug 2003, 13:26

2000 GMC Jimmy SLS 2 door.

Replaced right wheel bearing 34,000 miles, under warranty.

Replaced left wheel bearing 43,000 miles, $150 for part, 45 minutes to install.

Replaced Cap and Rotor @ 51,000 miles, $115.

Catalytic converter completely plugged, 52,000 miles, covered under GM 8 year/ 80,000 miles warranty.

What's next???

18th Sep 2003, 08:15

Got a 2000 Jimmy SLE, I have both front wheel bearings going out, although the passenger's side is a lot worse. This is the 4th time I see messages about the bearings wearing down very easily, and you can't even grease them! I only have 48,500 miles on mine. :o.

18th Sep 2003, 08:18

Has anybody change the front wheel bearings? I'm about to, but I've never done it on this vehicle. If you have, write me an e-mail of encouragement, telling me that is easy- please. :) Today's date: Sept.18, 2003.


26th Jul 2004, 10:00

99 Jimmy.

I have had to replace both driver/passenger wheel bearings 3 times within 5,000 miles. The vehicle had 81,000 miles when I fixed them the first time, cost: $1,000.

I am now replacing all 4 ball joints. Vehicle has 85,000 costing $250.

I have also had to replace the brakes and tie rods at 81,000 miles.

I am now replacing the heater core at 85,000 miles and have been given an estimate for parts and labor of $875.

It seems there have been many complaints about the wheel bearings and I feel that GMC should do something so that we can be refunded. At least the refund would be able to pay for maybe one of the many other problems I seem to have with this SUV.

4th Aug 2004, 14:49

Own a 98' Jimmy. Had Hub assemblies replaced around 50,000. Was covered under a third party warranty I purchased with vehicle. Front brakes go a lot. Serpintine belt goes a lot. I'm getting vibrations again at high speeds. Wheel bearings or unbalanced tires likely suspects.

26th Oct 2004, 12:56

Recently purchased a 2000 GMC Jimmy that was near perfect. After putting on 3000 miles, the ABS light came on sporadically. Soon, the ABS would start activating when coming to a stop, causing a shuddering and the light coming on. Upon bringing to the dealer, was informed that it was the right front ABS sensor, but that it was part of a sealed bearing hub assembly, and the cost was about $400. A $20 high failure part is sealed in another $400 high replacement part??? My last GMC.

30th Nov 2004, 13:18

I've got a 2000 GMC Jimmy. So far I've had to replace the alternator at around 60,000 miles. Then before hitting 80,000 I had to pay around $600 to have the right wheel barring changed. I am now having to fork out another $700 to have the heater core replaced. They tell me that it will take awhile to replace the heater core, as the whole front dash board has to be taken out. My mechanic wants me to give him a week to fix it. Guess I will have to pay out for a rental car as well. I sure miss my old Honda!!

12th Jan 2005, 23:20

In thirteen months three full hub-bearing replacements, two serpentine belts. 2000 SLT. 22,000 kms in that time. your right, time for a recall.

11th Feb 2005, 09:02

I just got a 2000 SLE Jimmy with 100000 miles on it. It runs like a top, runs great, but the right front hub I think blew. I hear a thought thump thump thump when I drive on that side with it when the tire rolls. I don't have a lot of money since I Just bought this and I heard a new hub is going to be costly. Any suggestions?

14th Apr 2005, 06:26

Just got my 2000 Jimmy out of the shop. New ball joints, tie rod ends and left front wheel bearing. Cost? Around $1,200! This seems a little expensive to me. After reading all the above, it seems like this is a common problem around 80,000 miles. Has there been any recalls on this matter?

22nd Apr 2005, 13:06

Purchased a 2000 GMC Jimmy almost 2 years ago and just plunked down a big chunk of change on a front wheel bearing and replacing the sun gear in the transmission.

Talked at great length with dealer and GMC, but neither would offer any cost assistance or reimbursement. These are both common problems known by GMC, but they won't do anything as far as a recall goes.

Worst vehicle I've ever owned. Gonna unload it real soon before the other bearing goes and before the warranty expires on the tranny work. Feel bad for the poor unsuspecting person who is next in line to inherit this inferior product.

10th Jun 2005, 20:42

6-10-05 2000 Jimmy SLT 65000 miles You guessed it Rt front wheel bearing assembly Part was $148.43 also replaced front brake pads.

12th Apr 2006, 19:54

I own a 2000 Jimmy as well and have had just about all of the above problems listed. I have spent over $3000 in repairs in the last two months. They have been wheel bearings (for the 2nd time), All four ball joints (the third set of these), a new alternator (the third one), a new heater core, and a few other minor repairs. The things that are still wrong: the gas sending unit (I can't afford that), the ball joints, I suspect might be bad again. The car has such a strong vibration, that it scares me to drive it. ugh... This car has been a disaster to me. I have too much negative equity to get rid of it. I'm stuck!!

24th Jul 2006, 13:44

I had a 2000 Jimmy as well. Same things, problems after problems - transmission 3 times, wheel bearings. What a piece... I love GM, but hated my Jimmy a month after I bought it.

2nd Sep 2006, 18:51

Bought a 2000 gmc Jimmy used in 2003 with 33k miles on it. It has 87k miles on it now, with the major problems being a left front wheel bearing going out @ 67k miles and an oil cooler line busting just recently at 86k miles.

Almost lost my engine because of the oil line (the OEM oil line). Part of the aluminum section of the line was resting on the steering box, and over time through vibration, the steering box wore a hole though the oil line and it started leaking while on a 500 mile trip. Thankfully I noticed the film of oil on the side of my car when I got to my destination, otherwise I would've driven farther the next day with it. When I got to my destination the oil wasn't even showing on the dipstick, and it took 2 quarts to get it in the crosshatches.

Got a new line from the dealer the next day and low and behold, the new line has different bends in it so as not to come anywhere near close to the steering box. Think GMC knows something about oil lines on these cars rubbing up against the steering boxes? They seemed to have changed their design without recalling anything. Guess they figure that people can install the new designed lines after their original ones wear through and leak and they lose their engine because of no oil.

And for those of you with wheel bearing problems, I was able to find the hub assembly with the ABS wheel speed sensor for $165. Yes, it is expensive, but you don't have to pay $300+ just for the part. I've found numerous places that sell them for $165-250. Most were ACDelco, but some carried a brand called BCA. I got a Delco one though.