4th Jun 2007, 17:08

I purchased a 2005 Jimmy five speed standard brand new. So far I have had it in to the dealer six times for an assortment of problems. The vehicle presently has 50,000 km on it. Several weeks ago the transmission went. It was completely rebuilt. Now the shifter kicks out of first gear and drops out of fourth gear. I am very disappointed with this vehicle and plan to sell it before the warranty is up. The dealer is now telling me that the rubber boot that surrounds the gear shifter is defective and causing the transmission to kick out of gear. This is the worst vehicle that I have ever owned. I will not purchase another GMC product in the future.

13th Jul 2007, 00:20

We own a 2000 GMC Jimmy that has been nothing, but problems since we bought it. I don't know how many times now the vehicle has been in the shop.

They have had to replace the motor for the drivers side window once or twice and it is out again... the driver's power seat gave out... motor and framework, The passenger's seat reclining arm broke so that seat is stuck in one position. They have had to recarpet the vehicle because of the radiator or something leaking water into the interior. The windshield is leaking water at the top seal. The A/C went out and I had to have that replaced... the bearings have went out for a second time... The heater is currently not working anymore...We've had issues with the starter not working... It is nothing to me, but a huge burden and I am starting to wish we researched it more before buying it.

13th Jul 2007, 09:38

I have 1999 Jimmy that I can't seem to get fixed. It started shutting off and would restart instantly and be fine for awhile. Then it shut off and wouldn't start for about 5 minutes. I replaced the fuel pump, fuel filter, fuel sending unit, the alternator, the mass air flow sensor, and a hose all at different times for the same problem and still the truck does the same thing. The last time it did it I felt like I was jumping down the road and it wouldn't restart so I had to be towed. Any suggestions? the code from the computer is the secondary air flow, but nothing seems to get rid of the code or fix the problem. Help please?

29th Jul 2007, 12:32

'98 Jimmy windshield wiper unreliable, Sometimes works, sometimes not! Removed 3 small torque screws on the motor assembly flat black cover. The black incoming leads connector, a part of the circuit board assembly, slides out of base assembly grooves as the circuit board is gently pryed away from the base assembly. Disconnect the external leads assembly from the connector.

There are 5 connector main connections to the circuit board and 2 from it's extension. All 7 underside soldered nibs appeared to have distress viewed with magnification. Re-soldered using electrical soldier. Very successful.

4th Aug 2007, 21:37

I bought a 2000 Jimmy SLE brand new in 2001 after driving a 1989 Jimmy for 11 near trouble free years (185,000 miles).

My first major shock with my 2000 Jimmy was the need for a new transmission at about 75,000 miles ($3200.00). Shortly after that an oil cooling line had to be replaced. The Truck now has 120,000 miles on it and the radiator had to be replaced (O.K. that could be considered normal). I now have an annoying whine in the front end which has been diagnosed as front wheel bearings ($600.00 per side). This will probably be my last GM vehicle.

26th Sep 2007, 13:49

I bought a 2001 Jimmy, used in 2003. I have had to replace the bearings and the driver side window motor. It currently has 90,000 miles. I have had no heat in my car for a year and a half. (Thankfully I live in California and only wake up to ice a few days out of the year!) I got a quote to replace the heater core for $1,200!! The heater core only cost $100, but the labor to put it in is the killer! I love my Jimmy, but wish it held together a bit better!

27th Oct 2007, 05:29

I purchased my 2000 Jimmy new in 2000. I purchased the extended warranty and my wife thought I was throwing money away for buying the extension. Now she doesn't feel that way as it paid for itself twice over.

The problems are just as mentioned. After the warranty ran out last year with 80,000 miles, I have had the second fuel pump go out, a transmission rebuilt and now I have a radiator leak. It is going on the sell block as soon as I get the radiator problem fixed, hopefully today.

This Jimmy has had a major malfunction at least once a year since I bought it. And I kept it well maintained to prevent such problems.

Look out Toyota and Honda, here I come. And I used to say I'd never buy a foreign car.

13th Nov 2007, 07:44

Can you spell LEMON, guys. Why isn't GMC doing something about this '2000 JIMMY. I have had problems with:

Driver's side window

Front end noise


Gas gauge

Rear wiper fluid


Turning signals.

And other money sucking problems. This is my only means of transportation and I am screwed. Thanks GMC. I can't afford another truck and I can't afford to keep this bucket of bolts. If anyone hears of a CLASS ACTION I'm in.

16th Nov 2007, 20:12

Wow! You guys are scaring me. I bought a 2000 GMC Jimmy/Envoy a little over a year ago; 167,000 Mi. Rear wiper inoperable, and gas gauge falls off at 1/8 of a tank. Other than that has been a great car. I'm assuming the previous owner took care of all the problems. Oh yes, forgot about rear discs; completely rusted away, but pads were fine. (Can only hope I got a freak).

14th Dec 2007, 19:04

I have a 2001 SLE Jimmy. The gas gauge is messed up, and I have just now experienced no heat, in the dead of winter!!!

The truck runs like a dream, good gas mileage, and great stereo.

I would like to know what happens when a heater core goes out. I thought it odd that a vehicle with just 62,000 miles on it could have a problem, like heat. If anyone can give me a suggestion about how to check out the heater core to see if it is bad, pass it on.

There are no leaks on the pavement or the interior of the truck. It is 4 wheel drive, four door, and runs like a dream. HELP!!!

I just bought it used in September of this year from a GMC dealer. Help!!!

Leonard Smith

21st Dec 2007, 20:40

I've had my 2000 Jimmy for 3 years and it has been a great car. It has had some problems, but so has every car I've ever owned, including Acuras, Hondas, Toyotas and other American cars.

Those of you that have the heater core problem may be interested in the DexCool class action. The court did not grant class status, but below is info from the law firm that represented owners:


25th Jan 2008, 09:19

I have a 2001 GMC JIMMY. My heat stop working for almost 2 years now. I live in Maryland so went winter hits I am wearing two jackets in my car. (So embrassing) I replaced my radiator and thermostat twice. My car finally overheated on me a week ago. And I had to tow it to the shop. Turns out I need a water pump, radiator, thermostat, and now I also need a heating core if I want my heat to work. I don't even want to say the cost of all this, but you all know that it was costly. I thought maybe it was just my car, but when I search and found this website. I know now that its the make fault. I would never ever buy a GMC vehicle again. I never spent this much money when I had a camry.