Odyssey EXL with Rear Entertainment 3.5V6

Absolutely love our red Odyssey to death!!

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Odyssey EX

I wish I could buy another brand new 2004 Honda Odyssey

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Odyssey EX 3.5 liter

It's more of a sports van than a minivan!

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Odyssey EX 3.5

What a let down. My old Nissan is better, much better and more reliable

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Odyssey EX


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Odyssey EX-L

This car does everything I expect of it

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Odyssey LX 3.6 Litre

Like it, but will not buy it again

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Odyssey EX 3.5

Good speed, Good handling. This is the minivan for you

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Odyssey EX-R V6

Still the State of the Art in Vans

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Odyssey EX-L 3.5 VTEC

Value is finally sitting in my driveway

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