1989 Honda Prelude Si 2.0 DOHC 16v


A pocket rocket that won't empty your pockets


Well to start off: both CV joints had to be replaced, transmission went at 101k, same as CV joints.

Alternator failed at 111k, and replaced twice now.

Timing belt broke, causing serious damage (but I love this car so much!!!), rebuilt head at the same time.

Clutch went bad at 101k.

Headlight motors got stuck (don't know how to fix).

Door handle always got stuck at 140k.

This was normal wear for the miles at the time.

It runs like a dream now (after about $4,500 in work).

In 2003, rebuilt the entire car inside and out, changing interior from tan to black, and the exterior from black to green and blue.

General Comments:

I love this little car.

It handles so well.

I just built a turbo kit for it using a T3/T4 compressor housing turbo.

Had to do a lot of other mods to the car.

But otherwise without the turbo, it still had a lot of umph in it.

With 4WS it could not get any better than this in the 80's.

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Review Date: 26th January, 2004

1989 Honda Prelude Si 2.0Si


Poorly put together death trap


The fan motor burned out at 200,000 miles.

The transmission sticks in 2nd gear.

The engine cooling fan will not turn off.

The paint is peeling badly, despite being waxed constantly.

Black trim has begun to crack.

General Comments:

This was my first car, my stepfather gave it to me when I got my license at 16. Two years later the car is almost undrivable.

The transmission shifts at random and the whole car smells like burning clutch now. I can't say I'm terribly impressed with the old preludes.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2004

1989 Honda Prelude Si 2.0


Fun, fast, and reliable


Shortly after I bought my Prelude, the alternator loosened up, the cause being, the previous owner put one of the tightening bolts in backwords. After correcting that little mistake, I drive like a charm.

General Comments:

I purchased my 1989 Honda Prelude, about a month ago, and to this day I look forward to driving it every chance I get. It is extremely quick off the line, it handles superbly, and I love how it looks. My Prelude is race car yellow, I am plan to put white Integra Type R style rims on it, drop it two inches, and replace the amber blinker and tail lights with white ones. The only problem is I can't seem to find the white tail and corner lights anywhere, if anybody knows where I might be able to find them I would appreciate it immensely if one could email me at Collinator02@hotmail.com. My Prelude is the car of my dreams, until I can afford a Ferrari Enzo, and I would encourage anybody else who might be considering buying one to go ahead. You will have no regrets.

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Review Date: 10th September, 2003

12th Sep 2003, 02:32

Dude, don't waste money fixing up a 89 prelude... save your money and buy a new one...

30th Nov 2003, 11:02

I also have a 1989 Prelude 4ws. There is not a lot that is offered for that year. You can forget about changing out the tail lights. There are no companies out there that offer that to date. I have found that if you go to a 1993 or above there is more stuff that you can bolt on without to much mods. If you do buy another Prelude like I am going to make sure that you opt for the 4ws you will not be sorry that you did...Patrick.

1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 S 2.0L carb.


A sleek, sporty head turner (with a little $$$)


Antenna was broke when I got the car. Easily replaced. (Cost only $8)

Speedometer works every now and then, usually when cold.

General Comments:

With regular maintenance (i.e. brakes, change oils, etc.) this car, as well as any other Honda, will last forever.

Not as quick as my '89 Accord LXi, but handles and drives much better.

Plenty of room for me (I'm 6ft. 2in.) and for one of my friends, but if one more of my friends tries to fit inside it's very uncomfortable as there is absolutely no leg room in the back seat. My seat is within an inch of touching the back seat.

The car looks nearly perfect inside and out. Car is very sleek and sporty looking.

I highly suggest getting new wheels and tires. The stock ones are ugly and don't grip very well (only about 5 in. wide).

When I drive this car to school I don't feel at all embarrassed even with all the new Mustangs and sports cars.

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Review Date: 7th September, 2003