1989 Honda Prelude 4WSI 2.2 twin turbo


Extremely fast and beautiful vehicle


I have restored my 1989 Prelude better than new condition.

The only thing that needed to be replaced were slotted rotors, brakes and tires.

General Comments:

I have made serious performance modifications. 20,000.00.

Serious fabrication modifications. 20,000.00.

Car is equipped with a 15 thousand paint job... Red...

Prelude has won extensive SEMA awards over last 15 years.

Only the best Audio and Video equipment was professionally installed and fabricated. 60,000.00.

Performance modifications added additional 375 horsepower.

If you need any help or questions about your Prelude, email me at jetskiguy36@yahoo.com and I would be glad to answer any questions you might have.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2009

22nd Sep 2009, 01:18

OK.. So you're saying you put upwards of $80,000 into a $1,500 car??

23rd Sep 2009, 01:32

When I purchased the car new, it was 23,000.00

21st Dec 2009, 03:12

You won't find another Prelude in this world as opulent as mine. It's impossible hands down!

22nd Dec 2009, 12:28

"You won't find another Prelude in this world as opulent as mine. It's impossible hands down!"

Well I wouldn't think so.

You do realize, however, that you could have purchased a 638 hp Corvette ZR-1 for the money you have into the Prelude... and have a warranty? In a race it will leave you sitting at the light wondering where it went and it will be worth something down the road. You will never sell your Honda for even 1/3 of what you have into it.

I am sure it is very nice, so not knocking you there, but to put $80K into a car that was only worth around $23K 20 years ago?? Don't see that every day.

My Mom had a brand new '89 Prelude Si back then. It was a fun car to drive, but extremely small inside. It was a pretty cool car overall, but I would never have thought of adding to its cost or customizing it. Preludes, like most Honda's were commuter cars with no real longevity as far as value is concerned. It was only 130 hp so the performance was negligible. My '88 5.0 Mustang was a much better driving experience and it was $10K less than your Prelude was brand new. Plus you wouldn't have had to put $80K into it to make it look or perform better than your Honda does now. Okay, looks are subjective... but performance isn't.

22nd Sep 2012, 02:29

I don't believe that you would be able to add a twin turbo to the car, LOL. I also don't believe that you actually did spend that much money, and made that many modifications to the Prelude. I'm pretty sure I would have seen it on a forum somewhere.

23rd Sep 2012, 03:03

The most expensive Prelude in 1989 was the 4WS variant... that was $18,450. The Si was $16,965.

1989 Honda Prelude S 2.0


Best car I've ever owned


Antenna mysteriously broke off. Didn't bother me much though since I just use CDs in the car.

Somehow, the bottom of my gas tank was punctured. Can't say for sure if it was before or after I got the car. Regardless, I was wasting gas, and thought I was getting terrible mileage for a Honda. That was until someone smelled the gas leak and pointed it out. (the puddle of gas)

Nothing a little Green putty couldn't fix for like $3.

Speedo doesn't work. The only gauge that works is the RPM gauge, and gas meter is somewhat accurate. Can't track the miles on car either. Temp. sensor says it's always overheated, even when motor is cold.

Seller sold it without a passenger window. (broken)

General Comments:

I bought the car from some guy in mid 2008 for $700. It ran beautifully. Despite it had the B20A3 motor, it pulled hard. Granted the car looks like it was just painted with primer, but it has no dents. After receiving the car, I started to bring the car back to life. Replacing passenger side window, replacing axles, tires, tie rods, etc.

Now the car handles quick and sharp. It has been a night and day difference. I love the fact that when you hit the gas, it revs up slowly till like 4000 RPM's, then the motor just kicks, and revs hard and fast, like VTEC.

The gas mileage is magnificent, I can fill it up with $18 and it will last me the whole week.

The car is manual, so it's even more fun, efficient and easier to control. It doesn't have AC, but at least the interior does not get that hot, I just open the windows, even sunroof and cruise away.

Inside is pretty roomy for a 6'4" driver, despite the low sleek looks of the car. And for a passenger it offers even more room. But anymore people inside the car in the rear seat and it will be extremely uncomfortable. My seat is already hitting the rear bench.

Though the car is 20 years old, it still looks great and turns heads wherever I go. Now since I added a new exhaust without a cat, it sounds like a true sports car with a mean note. (NO FART CAN!!!) just straight piping.

I love it. Best car I've ever owned. Proud to say I'm a Honda owner.

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Review Date: 18th January, 2009