Santa Fe SE 4

Rust Box

99 words, 1 comment

Santa Fe LX 2.7 V6

Great SUV! Great value!

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Santa Fe GL 2.4L 4 cylinder

A 13,000 dollar disapointment

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Santa Fe GL 4X4 2.7 Gas

A great all-purpose vehicle with unbeatable value for $

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Santa Fe V6

Like the car, but its systems have been unreliable

93 words, 3 comments

Santa Fe GLS 2.7L

Good looking, but too many problems/headaches

108 words

Santa Fe GLS V6

A classy SUV - at a reasonable price

67 words

Santa Fe 4wd

I would only trade it for another one

107 words

Santa Fe GL 4.0

I feel my Sante Fe is a complete Lemon

177 words

Santa Fe GL

Performance, looks, safety -- the Sante Fe has it all

99 words, 2 comments

Santa Fe LX 2.7 V6

A great SUV for under 22 thousand

56 words

Santa Fe LX 2.7

My dream car!!

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Santa Fe GLS 1.8L V-6

The Hyundai Santa Fe exceeds my expectations every day

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Santa Fe

An awesome price and ride!

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Santa Fe GL 6 cylinder

Excellent Vehicle. Would recommend this SUV to all!

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Santa Fe 2.4


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