2001 Hyundai Santa Fe GL 4X4 2.7 Gas from North America


A great all-purpose vehicle with unbeatable value for $


The Battery required replacement at 52000KM/ 22 months.

The rear-passenger window gasket needed replacement (it was starting to peel away) but warranty covered it.

When running cold, the front shocks seem to clunk a little, but the dealer has not been able to correct the problem. There is no impact on the performance or handling however.

Vehicle could use better insulation in the cabin, for example, the coin slots in the front console cause annoying rattle when being used.

The passenger side window rattles a little on the rare occasion even though the dealer has adjusted it several times.

General Comments:

This crossover is great to drive in any weather or traffic condition. The 4WD works great in the snow. Visibility is great!

I find the 2.7L engine plenty of power even when carrying 5 passengers and gear. I only wish the 'shiftronic' transmission worked a bit quicker when changing gears manually.

In comparison to other vehicles of similar size, gas mileage is quite acceptable.

Regardless of the job (furniture shopping, groceries, hauling whatever...) this vehicle has never let me down. There always seems to be enough room.

I was concerned about purchasing a newly released vehicle, but so far I have had no serious problems. The Santa Fe has always come through be it driving to work during a blizzard or taking a 6hour trip on vacation.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2004

2001 Hyundai Santa Fe from France


Great except for the clutch problem


Clutch went at 80000 km.

General Comments:

We were very happy with our 2 yr old Santa Fe until the clutch failed and needed replacement. When we queried why this was the case, asking if it was covered by the warranty, we were given to understand it must be the poor quality of our driving, and had to pay a 1400 Euro bill. We have since heard that several other Santa Fe's have had clutch problems which have been repaired under warranty's, so we feel doubly cheated. Why doesn't Hyundai have a more consistent approach? We are taking this further.

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Review Date: 12th May, 2004

14th Jul 2004, 11:21

I bought the first Santa Fe to come to our area in May 2001. I really liked my car, but it has had one problem after another. Within months of buying the car the electrical failed and had to be replaced. With in the next 2 years the front end was replaced twice, it is on it's 4th rack and pinion. Now at 3 years the front end seals are going the transmisson makes noise and the transfer case has what appear to be hairline fractures and the seal leaks. It has been in the shop about 10 times any where from 1 week to 4 weeks. The service was not good and they have misrepresented the problems and repairs a number of times. I really liked my car, but I would consider it a lemon and disappointed that the company was not more responsive.

2001 Hyundai Santa Fe V6 from North America


Like the car, but its systems have been unreliable


Vehicle has been in repair 15 times for inoperative A/C. They have replaced almost every part in the unit, but it still doesn't work.

Radio has never worked, even though it has been replaced 2 times.

Alternator and battery problems since it was new.

General Comments:

Car is very comfortable and generally I like it, however, my experience has shown it to be unreliable. Guess it has a great warranty because you need it. It's OK if you don't mind the inconvenience of being without a vehicle for 30 days within the first 3 years.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2004

23rd Apr 2005, 15:05

I have to agree with your comments. My gas gauge has never worked right, although it's been serviced 3x, I gave up after the last time. When my car hit the 2 year marker, things started to go. I had to replace the left and the right ball joints, I've replaced the battery. I had to replace the door handle on the cargo area. And each service has required me to leave my car all day; this is not practical.

2nd Aug 2006, 12:29

Can you describe the problem you've had with battery and alternator? Include the mileage it first occurred. How many time you replaced the battery / alternator? Do you drive mostly in highways or city? What state do you live?

Have you also experienced burnout bulbs? Wiper motor?

3rd Aug 2006, 07:16

If the problem cannot be repaired you might check and see if your state has a lemon law. What this provides is that if there is a problem that cannot be resolved to the consumers satisfaction a replacement or refund will be issued. You do need to check with your state though because terms for lemon law satisfaction vary from state to state.