Trooper Base 2.2L turbo diesel

The Isuzu Turbo Diesel has passed the test of time with excellence!

220 words

Trooper C-223 T 2.23 turbo

Perfect auto for the patient man

20 words

Trooper 4 cylinder

Wonderful, reliable, sturdy, economical

104 words

Trooper 4x4 2.3L Four Cylinder

The Trooper Rules!

285 words, 6 comments

Trooper LS 2.3 gas

Rock solid utility truck

108 words

Trooper II 2.3

I love this thing and will drive it forever!

158 words, 2 comments

Trooper II 2.3 gas

Loyal as an old dog.

187 words

Trooper II 2.3

Best Thing to come out of Japan since Godzilla!!

86 words, 4 comments

Trooper 4 Wheel Drive 2.3

All around great vehicle

117 words

Trooper turbo diesel

The best truck, and has stood the test of time and reliability

227 words

Trooper II LS 2.3 lt. Gas

Other than a somewhat rough ride, the Trooper is the greatest buy for the buck!!!

115 words

Trooper II 2.3L

Dependable, cheap, easy, what more do you want?

401 words, 2 comments

Trooper 2.3 liter gas engine

A tank

230 words


Best car I ever owned that has multiple uses

268 words

Trooper LS 2.3

A great utility vehicle

203 words, 3 comments

Trooper LS 2 door 2.3 gas

Great value and longevity

204 words, 2 comments

Trooper 2 2.2L turbo diesel

An iron workhorse

65 words, 3 comments