Trooper 3.5L

This is a bomb-proof rig!

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Trooper S 3.5L

A beast

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Trooper S

It's the ultimate man's machine

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Trooper 3.5

Will keep it until the engine blows

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Trooper 3.5L

Gotta love it

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Trooper 3.5

This is a good car

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Trooper 3.5 liter


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Trooper 3.5

A worthless piece of junk

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Trooper s 3.5 liter V6

This car has been dependable when I've really needed a dependable car

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Trooper 3.5 liter

I would not buy another Isuzu if my life depended on it!

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I would buy this SUV again, but would trade it in within 3-4 years for a newer model.

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Trooper LS 3.5

It is by far the best vehicle on the road

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Trooper Limited Edition 3.0


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Trooper S Performance 3.5

Everything you could ask for in a SUV, except for higher mileage

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Unsafe vehicle

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Trooper S 3.5

4X4 Heaven

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Trooper S

Beats US built SUV's hands down!

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Trooper LS 3.5L Gas

The Trooper is an excellent machine both on and off the road and on snow or dry pavement

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Trooper Performance 3.5L

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