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XJ8 L 4.1

Still a great car, but would only lease due to the poor resale value

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Sure thing... Your 1998 XJ8 Jaguar is a piece of Kongo #@?!, Good Sir

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XJ8 Vanden Plas

Love my car

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XJ8 L 4.0L

Still a beauty to see, drive, and ride

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XJ8 4.0 Litre

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XJ8 4.0

Beautiful but full of problems

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It's a delight to look at, but expensive to maintain

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Love this car

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Classic looks, low maintenance costs

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XJ8 L 4.1 V 8

I enjoy the car and would purchase another one

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Buy a 2001 or newer with the Select Edition Warranty

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A wonderful mix of sport and luxury

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XJ8 4.0 liter V8

We are very disappointed! The V-8s should be recalled and refitted with a 6. Is there a conversion?

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XJ8 XJ 8 V8

This vehicle is too expensive for for the product you receive

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XJ8 4.0 V8

Jaguar needs a hand from eighties BMW

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