Jaguar XK8 reviews from North America


XK8 Convertible 4.2 V8

A beautiful car to own and drive

79 words


XK8 4.2 Litre Gasoline

I would buy one again, and love every minute of driving it

51 words

XK8 Coupe 4.0L AJ-V8

A work of art in motion

123 words, 28 comments


XK8 Convertible 4.0L

I love it, but am tired of these mechanical problems

88 words

XK8 V8

People will envy you

80 words, 2 comments

XK8 Convertible 4.0 V8 5-speed ZF

It's a keeper!

324 words, 5 comments


XK8 Convertible 4.0 V8

A high maintenance mistress

384 words, 5 comments


XK8 V8

This car is timeless

219 words

XK8 4.0

Fun, stylish and worth owning

238 words

XK8 4.0


122 words

XK8 Coupe 4.0 V8 w/ ZF 5-speed

A reliable show-stopper!

376 words, 2 comments


1997 models have engine engineering flaws

XK8 4.0 V8

A reliable car, my Jaguar!

102 words, 2 comments