The new mechanic said, "It's not worth fixing, just drive until it dies."

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Freelander SE


132 words, 4 comments

Freelander 2.5L V6

Good truck, but too much money to fix

180 words

Freelander S 2.4L

An embarrassment to Land Rover

203 words

Freelander SE

Don't buy a Land Rover, you never know when you will get the next 'Freelander'

139 words

Freelander SE Don't Know

Reliable luxury for less

140 words

Freelander 4-cylinder

Dangerous and unreliable vehicle

376 words, 1 comment

Freelander S 2.5

A good choice if you don't mind it being unreliable

110 words

Freelander S V6

Unreliable, Underpowered, Expensive to operate

107 words



44 words


Don't buy a freelander!

46 words

Freelander SE V6

This is a very capable off-road vehicle loaded with many features not found in domestic SUVs

179 words, 3 comments

Freelander HSE

This vehicle is a LEMON

344 words

Freelander S 2.5V6 petrol

Fine car, but high risk of failure and expensive to service and repair

214 words

Freelander HSE 2.5

Land Rover Could do Better

147 words

Freelander S

The Freelander is the most capable and comfortable 4x4 I've owned, and I'm on #6!

136 words, 2 comments

Freelander SE V6


220 words

Freelander S 2.5 liter V6

A great, small "Cute-Ute", but does not have what it takes to be a true Land Rover.

96 words

Freelander S V6

This SUV had black paint, but it was a real lemon

106 words, 1 comment

Freelander SE 2.5L

Do not buy it

19 words

Freelander SE 2.5L

A good buy

38 words


Solid quality 4X4 ride at bargain price

485 words, 1 comment

Freelander S

A cheap luxury SUV with the high price luxury maintenance

171 words, 1 comment

Freelander LX V6

A fun SUV-especially off-roading

62 words

Freelander SE

This SUV sucks - spend your money elsewhere

405 words, 48 comments

Freelander SE 2.5 Litre V6

Fabulous to drive (on and off road) with questionable quality and cheap interior

747 words

Freelander SE V6

Its comfortable, fun to drive and very capable

56 words

Freelander HSE 2.5

A Great way to get to know the dealer's service department!

212 words, 2 comments

Freelander HSE V6

Solid! Enjoyable SUV

194 words, 6 comments

Freelander S

Poor value and costly to repair

229 words, 5 comments

Freelander HSE 2.5 V6

A vehicle you will be happy you purchased

80 words