5th May 2011, 07:26

My 2002 Freelander has done 47,000 miles and problems have been many:

1) Weeks after owning it it 2003, the expansion bottle steamed LR found a restricted flow in the water pipe due to defective machining. The problem seemed solved until the thermostat had to be replaced.

2) Sudden spike of the temperature dial turns the two radiator fans on but the dial normally does not move from the normal running temperature, even in city driving on a hot summer day with the air conditioning running however ineffectively.

3) Water entering behind the front fascia panel may have caused damage to the electronic systems. The latest is the back door latch which only works with the motorized control of the window.

4) Motorized controllers of both the rear passenger windows lower the glass but do not raise to shut the window and one is a replacement.

In short after reading similar comments from other owners I drive the LR Freelander with anxiety and definitely will not look at another Land Rover again.

1st Jul 2011, 08:47

Land Rovers are good cars overall. If you want to enjoy them though, you need to have a good shop manual, and can't be afraid to turn a wrench. Otherwise you give a lot of money to mechanics.

2nd Jul 2011, 11:11

I have nothing but problems with my 2002 Freelander, which I bought brand new.

From the day that I bought it, the sunroof was always breaking... the windows the same... the brake pads never last... transmission went at 60K, of course just after the four (4) year warranty was up...

It is very difficult to fix, as you have to take to the dealership who charge an arm and a leg to fix, as you cannot get the parts anywhere... Every time I took my vehicle in to the dealership, they always made me feel like an idiot, and that there was nothing wrong... They would fix the issue as they would say, and a few weeks would go by and the issue would be back, along with something else.

I was so happy at the time that I purchased this vehicle, as it was the first brand new vehicle I had ever purchased... and of course the happiness was quickly gone, as every time I turned around, the vehicle would need fixing again... LR should be responsible for the 2002's, as it seems that they know the car was not made properly, and a lot of people have paid good money for a lemon of a vehicle. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

20th Mar 2013, 19:29

Quite unfortunate that I already bought a 2002 Land Rover Freelander before I stumbled on this forum. I will find a way to dish it fast.

11th Nov 2016, 03:51

Bought a 2003 Freelander, even after reading all the bad reviews, as most cars have bad reviews, but as my mechanic has said, it is the worst designed car ever. All little plastic parts connected to coolant system and the plastic overflow bottle I have replaced three times, as well as thermostat water hoses; the list goes on and on.

To people with one, I say always look in the middle of engine for coolant as this is a main place of leaks due to the plastic pipe through the middle of the engine. It took me months to finally find where it was. My car is junk, but I'm still driving it for now.

To anyone wanting one, don't bother, buy a Toyota.

12th Nov 2016, 07:34

We had a Range Rover - even worse. Air suspension went and the engine next. Try either a new Explorer or smaller Edge SEL before a Toyota.