1st Feb 2009, 10:53

Hi, I've had my 2001 Freelander 1.8 ES for about three weeks now, and already found it to be expensive to run and maintain.

The sunroof has packed up, there's a strong smell of coolant when the heaters are on, and while driving it, there's a strange whining noise coming from the rear wheels.

Also, selecting reverse gear is difficult when the engine is cold, and I've also noticed that it's rubbish on fuel, getting no more than 25 mpg. My old Sierra was better than this and more reliable.

My opinion is stick with older cars, there's a lot less to go wrong with them, and they are cheaper to maintain.

16th Jun 2009, 01:11

My 2002 Freelander SE's engine has been replaced... fortunately under warranty (63K, with coolant problem first). Should I keep it or sell it while my warranty will expire next Feb, 2009?

16th Jun 2009, 22:47

Ah, you might want to check the year again. Feb 2009 has already passed, so if that's when your warranty expires you're out of luck.

7th Jul 2009, 13:21


I have a 02 LAND ROVER FREELANDER SE (62000), beautiful truck;

But LAND ROVER dealers, if they can, they will not fix it property from what I see, they want you in the shop every week paying big cash every time.

02 LAND ROVER FREELANDER SE. (10= excellent) (1= garbage)

- Interior: cheap glue on the inside of the roof. (3 points)

- Engine: Factory poorly tested or no tested at all. (3 points)

- Exterior: elegant, sporty, well aerodynamics (helps gas saving 2%) (8 points)

- Detail: Well craft plastic, beautiful leather seats. (6 points)

- Components: Radio is OK, electric buttons positions are OK, electrical wiring could need more thinking, sun roof cheap design is not helping. (4 points)

21st Jul 2009, 12:32

I traded in my 2004 Hyundai Accent for a 2002 LR Freelander, and I'm disappointed to say that endeavor has been a complete failure.

I bought the truck with 88,000 miles on it, and less than a week into owning it, the back window motor died and left my back window open. After that my engine died due to a steel cylinder sleeve slip. After the warranty replaced the engine, my sunroof motor went, and not long after, my transmission went.

The truck now sits next to my house and I use a car that I bought at an auction. Nobody will take it in trade because I still owe over 9000 on it. Biggest mistake of my life.

1st Sep 2009, 16:21

I bought a 2002 Freelander SE two weeks ago. It only had 35,000 miles on it. At $6000 without any history of problems, I considered that a steal.

Well, it was until the engine light came on after two weeks, and the engine temp gauge flat lined on hot. Just 10 miles back and forth to work, but apparently that's too tough for this unit to handle. Odd thing here, I immediately noticed the temp gauge on hot, but the engine itself feels cool. After reading this site, I contacted the local dealer, who informed me after a test that I would need a $7000 new engine (including labor.) Somehow this is not covered under the extended warranty.

I've contacted my lawyer. Game on.

22nd Sep 2009, 21:22

I also bought a 2002 Freelander for $17K which had 19K miles on it.

I just want to share the issues I had to deal with as well so other Freelander owners can expect what we all go through.

1. When I got the car the interior components were vibrating every time I used the stereo…took it back to the dear, but could not really fix it….good sound but not with interior vibrating.

2. A/C is a joke… so loud, but not enough cooling power.

3. Both side view mirrors had to be replaced because of oxidization of the plastic components

4. All my window regulators went out one by one…before 45K warranty expired.

5. Brake pads were changed by the dealer prior to my purchase however, the pads only lasts for about 20K so I had to change them around 44K again. Who make a car that the brake pads only last for 20K?

6. Transmission went out right around 55K but luckily I had extended my warranty

7. Battery had to be changed right around 57K

8. Stereo and one of the Harman Kardon speaker broke at 65K, so I now need to get a new one.

9. I changed all engine mounts at around 70K since engine was shifting when I put the gear in reverse.

10. Not at 74K, the cam shaft is rattling and I need to get that replaced next week.

11. I have not had the engine failure, but looks like many of them is having that issue…

14th Oct 2009, 10:20

I bought a 02 Freelander a couple of months ago. I am now having the coolant leakage problem. I have no idea where it is going, since I checked the floor and every hose. I still have to refill the expansion tank every 3 days or so. I am even worried about taking it to the dealer since all I have read are bad things.

If I keep pouring the coolant effectively, will there still be a problem with the motor?

Also, I need the car for at least 7 more months, any advice on what should I do will be greatly appreciated.

25th Nov 2009, 12:12

I'm 3 weeks old in driving Freelander 2002. But not yet experienced all these comments. I pray my own story will be pleasant. I hope you guys were not paid for all these unpleasant comments.

7th Jan 2010, 23:58

I've had my 02 Freelander for a year now, and this is where I'm at:

Tranny slips going into 3rd.

Heater core leaked coolant onto blower motor - replacing both now ($1750).

Timing belt assembly - $1600 at the dealer.

I just want my old Subaru back.


17th Feb 2010, 11:57

I own a 2002 Freelader that has the never ending coolant leak, I have $61k miles on it and still owe about $7k. I know the coolant is leaking into the engine at this point, because I have replaced all other possible issues in the last year. I am trying to trade it in, however I now I have negative equity since the value has depreciated so much due to the known engine problems. Does anyone recommend a good vehicle to get that could bury some of the negative equity?

18th Mar 2010, 00:49

Lets see, bought it with 50k for 6k. Window motors went out, coolant leak. Thermostat needed replaced. Can't even find brakes or rotors unless you special order or go to dealership. Just today, had to replace 2 hoses, which were just replaced 6 months ago. Terrible on gas. Afraid to take off road for fear that something might break and I'll have to sell my house to fix it.

24th Sep 2010, 09:26

Thanks for the heads up on the LR SE. I was going to buy one this weekend! But have changed my mind. Thanks for saving us! Sorry for the many bad experiences. Life, Liberty; yet with this vehicle; the pursuit of happiness continues. :)

30th Sep 2010, 14:18

We purchased a 2002 Land Rover Freelander for my son 40 days ago. The vehicle had 67K miles and was a very fair price.

The back window motor went out immediately, and we thought that one of my son's friends broke it. Now I know better.

We didn't have time to figure out all the problems before the vehicle was completely totaled. Here is how the vehicle was totaled. My son parked the car at 11:00 pm at night on September 28, 2010. At 4:00 am his car alarms were going off and so he runs to see why. He sees the interior of his car on fire and so tries to slap out the fire, which is on the driver's side dashboard, and ends up with 3rd degree burns to his hands. Thankfully the fire was put out with a fire extinguisher, but not before the car was totaled. The fire started in the wiring under the steering wheel column. We still have no idea WHY this happened, but it is apparent there was a MAJOR problem with this. I have contacted Land Rover and have already started a case against this, but have been told there will be no compensation for our loss, because the vehicle was out of warranty. Seriously!!! There is an apparent defect in this car that could have seriously injured my son or caused property damage, and Land Rover does not feel they are at fault for this vehicle. Unbelievable.