NX2000 SR20DE

Very nice ride

52 words

NX2000 2.0 SR20DE

The car is a great project car and fast out of the box

37 words

NX2000 2.0 Inline 4

A lean mean speed machine

113 words, 2 comments

NX2000 Base 2.0 SR20DE

Quite possibly the best Nissan model ever

71 words, 4 comments

NX2000 2.0 twin cam

A reliable yet sporty car

40 words



Incredible little 4 banger... will leave and stock Honda far behind

286 words, 7 comments

NX2000 1.6L

Good, reliable sporty car

77 words, 1 comment

NX2000 1.6L

Good little sports car

49 words, 2 comments


NX2000 2.0 DOHC

Small yet practical, and a joy to drive

189 words

NX2000 2.0

You get a lot of bang for your buck

61 words

NX2000 2.0L

An SCCA racer's dream

47 words

NX2000 2.0

A high performance bargain

20 words


NX2000 2.0L TwinCam

Little pocket rocket that needs lots of love and care

144 words, 1 comment